Thriive Review – Do NOT Buy Until You Read This

Thriive review

This is my honest review of the Thriive software, recently released by Mark Bishop and partners.

Before you decide to jump in and invest your time and money, I’m going to share the good points, bad points and insider details about this ‘micro system’ so you can decide if it’s right for you.

And, I’ll answer the most important question – can newbies actually make money from this?

Thriive Overview

Creator: Mark Bishop, Venkata Ramana

Release Date: Nov 17th 2020

Official Sales Page: Thriive

Front End Price: $17

Upsells: Yes

Custom Bonuses: Yes

Risk: 30-day money back guarantee

Fast Support: Yes

Newbie Friendly: Yes, it comes with step by step tutorials


Thriive Review – What Is Thriive?

Thriive review

Thriive is a complete, income-generating affiliate marketing system allowing anyone, even complete beginners to set up micro hubs. These ‘micro hubs’ are simple affiliate websites set up around profitable niches that Thriive helps you find.

Here’s how Thriive works in four simple steps;

  • Research and find profitable audiences to target
  • Build your ‘Thriive hub’ inside the platform in a few clicks
  • Add income streams like affiliate products and ads
  • Launch your Thriive micro hub on their platform, no need to invest in hosting

If you’re still a bit confused about how to set up your Thriive hub, do not panic. There is an in-depth learning page with step by step video tutorials, walking you through the entire process. One of the main reasons Thriive is doing so well, is that it is very newbie friendly.

You need zero technical expertise to make money from home with Thriive. And, you don’t need to invest in any other software’s to keep your micro hub going like hosting, website building, graphic design or anything else. You can do everything inside of the Thriive app.

What is a Thriive ‘Micro Hub’. How Does It Work?

Thriive review

A Thriive Hub is a micro business (small affiliate site) that generates income from niche audiences. Inside the Thriive platform you can build multiple micro hubs with the few clicks of a mouse.

The Thriive system is proven to create profit. Extensive split testing has been done for months prior to launch. Mark and his team have found that Thriive hubs convert affiliate offers and CPA offers very effectively.

Alongside giving you all the tools and step by step tutorials to help you set up your niche hubs, you’ll find training on profitable niche selection. The software will even help drive free, targeted traffic to your hubs using smart content creation and syndication.

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Thriive Review – Can Beginners Really Make Money?

While Thriive is not an overnight, get rich quick system – once you’ve built a good amount of targeted, niche hubs, it’s possible to make a lucrative income.

The more of these small affiliate sites you make, the more money you will make.

Mark Bishop who co-created the Thriive system, tested it out himself and made over $120,000 in his first 6 months.

Thriive review

But, I don’t want you to think because Mark made that money, you will definitely make that amount. His results were not typical and it really will depend on the amount of work an individual puts in.

Mark did not reveal exactly how many Thriive hubs he created to get those fantastic results. Although, I’m pretty certain he had set up many.

So for beginner affiliate marketers, there always is a learning curve. Realistically it’s possible to make a few dollars to a few hundred in your first month after you’ve set up your sites. And it’s good to remember, affiliate marketing is like a snowball and your income will grow with time.

>> Learn more about Thriive here

Benefits and Features of Thriive

  • Find hidden low competition that no one else knows exists
  • Because the niches are little known but in-demand, you can make money without competing with thousands of others
  • It’s a simple system, perfect for new marketers or tech beginners
  • Being 100% newbie-friendly, you can have multiple Thriive hubs set up in minutes
  • Easy to understand, step by step video tutorials
  • You don’t need an email list and you don’t have to be on camera
  • Zero tech skills required – if I can do it, you can definitely do it
  • After the initial one time payment, no extra investment is needed
  • Ongoing support from Thriive experts
  • After your hubs are set up, income will become passive possibly making you income for years to come

Who is the Thriive System Right for?

Thriive review

Thriive was designed to be super newbie-friendly. You’ll literally get all the tools and training you need to set up your micro sites and start making income.

The system is easy to understand and easy to implement. What you do need is; to put in the effort to go through the training and implement all the steps.

If you are a new marketer, a stay at home mum, someone with a full-time job wanting extra income or someone looking to build a full-time online business, Thriive is a great place to start.

Even if you’re a seasoned pro, Thriive is a system you can use to add more monthly income to your empire.

Who Is Mark Bishop, the Creator of Thriive?

Mark Bishop is a successful software developer and affiliate marketer. He always tests out his products to show what can be achieved, giving real world results.

When Mark initially tested the Thriive system, he did a lot of the work manually. But he created Thriive to replicate his system that made him over $120,000 in 6 months, but with a super newbie-friendly, simple process that anyone can use.

What Past Students Have to Say

Thriive review

Thriive Review – See How It Works in This Demo Video

Thriive Review – Final Summary…

At $17, Thriive is well worth the money for the training and profit potential. It’s entirely possible to make your investment back in the first month, plus more if you set up multiple micro hubs.

Can you set up micro affiliate sites without Thriive? Yes, is the answer but it would take a lot more time, effort and research.

You’d also have to invest in hosting, marketing and other software to run your site.

Thriive automates the setup and hosting process for you.

At the moment, you can get lifetime access to Thriive with a one-off $17 payment. This makes it a lot cheaper than doing the whole process yourself online.

If you love simple and automated processes that have big potential, Thriive is well worth it in my opinion.

In just a few minutes of work a day, you can build Thriive hubs and starting seeing regular passive income.

>> Click here to check out Thriive

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

Thriive Review – Do NOT Buy Until You Read This
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