11 Websites to Earn Money Browsing the Web

earn money browsing the web

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If you’re on your computer every day, why not earn money browsing the web? Wouldn’t it be nice to be rewarded for your efforts!

Well, there are actually websites that will pay you to be online. Whether you’re on a PC, a smartphone or tablet there are money-making opportunities for the taking.

This can start off as side hustle cash, but once you get in with a few of these companies, it could become a decent income stream.

Many of the jobs browsing the web will ask you to do research, track consumer behavior or answer questions. All simple stuff that isn’t too taxing which is nice.

These online opportunities mainly require basic skills like being able to search on Google and answer questions. Some may want a certain demographic of the population and may ask for people with a specific skillset like excellent English skills.

Many of the gigs I mention are part-time and some look for full-time workers. Let’s take a look at the best websites to earn money browsing the web.


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11 Websites to Earn Money Browsing the Web

1. Ask Wonder

Ask Wonder is a beginner-friendly place to earn money online. Wonder needs people with excellent research skills to answer questions for businesses, journalists or the general public, who don’t have time to do the research themselves.

The people searching for an answer pay a flat fee and Wonder pays its researchers to find credible answers. Reportedly, some Wonder researchers make up to $2,000 per month finding the best answers with references. If you love to answer questions, this could be a great money-making hustle for you.


2. User Testing

User Testing needs people to give real-time feedback on websites. You’ll be asked to perform a simple task on a website and talk through what you’re doing. Your screen will be recorded at the same time and you’ll be asked to answer a few questions at the end about your experience.

Tasks you could be asked to do include; search for a pair of jeans, women’s, size 10 or find out what time the company shuts before the Christmas holidays. Why do companies pay for this information?

Well, they want to know their websites are customer friendly otherwise they will lose business. Tasks take around 20 minutes and pay $10, so you could earn up to $30 per hour.


3. Opinion Outpost

Everyone’s got an opinion – why not share it and make some extra cash. Opinion Outpost wants to hear what you have to say and will pay you to; answer questions, test products, watch ads, take surveys and give your opinion on topics.

To get started sign up with your email or social media account. Once inside the Opinion Outpost platform, you’ll be offered surveys according to your demographic and can choose many other micro gigs to perform in return for gift cards or cash.

earn money browsing the web

4. Nielson Digital Voice

Nielson performs market research analysing television viewers and their preferences. Nielson Digital Voice wants you to download their app to your phone and get rewarded just for using the internet as you do now.

Even watching videos, searching the web, playing games and using social media will earn you points, which can be redeemed for entries into sweepstakes and other rewards. You’ll also be offered surveys to fill out, which gets you more points and more rewards. Not bad for doing nothing new!


5. Researchi

Researchi needs students and young adults to test new video games, discuss the latest health and beauty concepts, impact future product design, test websites, test apps and more. Pay is reportedly £40-£100 per project and sometimes even more!

Register easily via their online form and if accepted, you can start applying for the gigs that take your fancy. Companies use Researchi to get information for new projects. If you fancy getting paid for multiple easy online tasks, go check out the Researchi platform.


6. Clickworker

Clickworker needs people to perform micro-tasks like proofreading documents, writing texts, performing research and adding data to spreadsheets. To be accepted, register your details on the platform, complete an independent skills test and take any project-specific tests you are interested in.

Clickworkers can set their own schedule and even perform some tasks on their phone. The average pay is $9 per hour but this rate can increase once you gain experience and take on more tasks in an hour.

The Clickworker crowd comes from all over the world and is a big variation of ages from 18-80.

earn money browsing the web

7. Appen

Appen offers multiple opportunities to earn money testing websites and evaluating social media. The information you gather helps businesses know how their websites are performing.

To work for Appen, you need high-speed internet, a decent understanding of technology and social media and time to search the web.

The onboarding process for Appen requires you to fill out an online form and take a qualification test. If accepted, you could get offered up to four or more hours work a day and pay ranges from $12.90 to $13.72 per hour, depending on the task.


8. Just Answer

Just Answer pays you to research and answer questions online for its readers. It helps if you have a specific expertise like law, pets, medical, tax, plumbing, writing or finance for example, as these are areas where a lot of questions are asked.

Once accepted as a Just Answer expert, you’ll be matched with people who are asking questions in your field. You can talk, text or chat to answer the person’s question and you’ll get paid 20% of whatever the asker pays.

As you gain experience, your earnings can go up to 50% of the fee. Pay is made via PayPal on the first business day of each month.


9. InboxPounds

InboxPounds is an easy way to earn money by doing simple tasks. Sign up and get rewarded for shopping online, watching your favourite TV networks, searching the web, taking surveys, watching videos and more.

InboxPounds is the sister company of InboxDollars and they both partner with some of the biggest retailers online.

Receive a £1 bonus just for signing up with your name and email. Once inside you can choose which gigs you want to take part in and you’ll receive email alerts with new surveys and money-making tasks to get involved in.


10. Swagbucks

Earn free gifts and cash for everyday things you do online with Swagbucks. All you have to do is sign up through their simple form and choose which tasks you’d like to take part in.

Watch entertaining videos, answer surveys, search the web and more to make money and receive free gift cards.

You can even assign Swagbucks as your number one search engine. This will earn you even more cash, every time you use the Swagbucks search bar. Some users report earnings of $50-$100 a month. Decent money for just using the internet like you normally do.


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11. Userlytics

Another top way to earn money browsing the web: Userlytics needs website testers to ensure companies have customer-friendly websites, apps and prototypes. You’ll be given simple tasks like interacting with a website or app and be asked to give your opinion on your experience.

Tests you complete get paid between $10 up to $90 depending on the length of the project. Not bad for expressing your opinion and surfing the web! Sign up easily by filling in a few details and you’ll be sent tests that suit your demographic.


Earn Money Browsing the Web – Final Thoughts

There you have it: 11 cool ways to earn money browsing the web. If you have a spare few hours in the evening, these micro-tasks are a great way to top up the rainy day fund.

Sign up to multiple sites at a time to increase your earnings.

Many of the platforms will also pay you for referring friends their way, so take advantage of that.

Check out more simple ways to make passive income online here.


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11 Websites to Earn Money Browsing the Web
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11 Websites to Earn Money Browsing the Web
Earn money browsing the web with these 11 websites.
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