26+ Super Lazy Ways to Make Money: $50+ Every Day

lazy ways to make money

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Have you had a long working week but still have a few bills to pay? Luckily there are many lazy ways to make money that could net you $50 or more a day.

These money-making side hustles are incredibly easy requiring minimal skill. All you need is a laptop, decent Wi-Fi and a tiny bit of energy to get things done.

Each hustle can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Even while you have your feet up on the sofa! So grab a cuppa and read on to learn about plenty of lazy ways to make money.


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Summary of the Best Lazy Ways to Make Money

  1. Take Surveys for Cash
  2. Get Paid to Browse the Internet
  3. Get Cash Back with Ibotta
  4. Earn Money by Sleeping
  5. Sell Your Hair
  6. Rent Our Your Gadgets
  7. Rent Out a Spare Room
  8. Get Free Food and Money to Taste Test Food
  9. Get Paid for Your Opinion
  10. Switch Bank Accounts for a Big Bonus
  11. Start Affiliate Marketing
  12. Sell Print on Demand Apparel
  13. Earn Investing in Dividend Stocks
  14. Profit from Watching Videos
  15. Install Apps on Your Phone
  16. Rent Ad Space on Your Vehicle
  17. Sell Feet Pictures
  18. Read Books Out Loud
  19. Write Greeting Cards
  20. Text and Flirt Online
  21. Chat with Language Learners
  22. Earn Money Clicking Ads
  23. Profit from Free Bets
  24. Test Video Games for Money
  25. Complete Simple Tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk
  26. Earn Passive Income Selling Photos Online


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26 Lazy Ways to Make Money: $50+ a Day

Ready to learn about some easy money-making tactics?

Take a look at the best lazy ways to make money without doing too much.


1. Take Surveys for Cash

Take surveys on Opinion Inn

Taking online surveys is a great way for lazy people to earn extra cash in their spare time.

While relaxing on the sofa, why not answer a few questions and make money.

There are multiple survey sites you can sign up to and boost earnings. Some of the best include;

  • Survey Junkie. Earn easy money by taking surveys and giving your opinion on new products. Make up to $3 per survey and cash out quickly. 
  • InboxDollars. Get paid to take surveys, watch videos, play games and for online purchases. Receive a $5 bonus on sign-up.
  • Branded Surveys. Earn cash and gift cards by completing surveys for major brands. Sign up and receive 100 points instantly.
  • Vindale research. Vindale is one of the highest-paying survey sites in the industry. Some surveys pay up to $50 and you get $1 just to sign up.
  • Pinecone Research. Pinecone connects you with companies seeking input to develop new products. Earn points for every survey and redeem for cash or prizes.

Learn more: 26 Survey Sites that Pay Cash Instantly


2. Get Paid to Browse the Internet

lazy ways to make money

This is not a joke! You can actually earn money browsing the web like you would normally do!

Many companies need help tracking clients’ behaviour online or researching the answers to questions.

If you surf the web often in the evening, this is an ideal lazy way to make money.

One great company to check out is Ask Wonder. They will pay you to answer questions for journalists, businesses or the general public.

Check out these platforms to get paid for your browsing time:


3. Get Cash Back with Ibotta

lazy ways to make money

Get cash back shopping online and in-store using Ibotta.

All you have to do is download the Ibotta browser extension or mobile app and earn cash when purchasing through many major retailers.

You can even get money back from eating out at your favourite restaurants.

Ibotta has paid out over $980 million in rewards to shoppers since 2012!

So, why not download it and get paid for what you do anyway?

Here are a few more cashback sites worth your time:


4. Earn Money by Sleeping

Earning money by sleeping is definitely one of the best lazy ways to make money.

Companies will pay participants to test out mattresses or specific sleeping aids to find out their experience.

You may be asked to test products like pillows, quilts, mattresses, sleeping pills or even hotel rooms.

You might be able to test some products at home, or you may have to go into a research lab to be monitored.

Check out Craigslist or freelancer.com for mattress testing job opportunities, or the worldsleepsociety.org for sleep study work.


5. Sell Your Hair

lazy ways to make money

You probably don’t realise it but human hair is in demand!

Companies will buy it to use in wigs, weaves and hair extensions.

Be aware that hair will only sell if it’s been looked after well and is in excellent condition.

Untreated hair sells for a far higher price than chemically altered, coloured hair.

If you fancy trying to sell your hair, check out Bloomsbury and Banbury Postiche which are well-known sites that buy hair.


6. Rent Our Your Gadgets

lazy ways to make money

There are many lazy ways to make money and renting out unused gadgets is one of them.

If you have spare stuff clogging up cupboards, put it to work on sites like The Fat llama.

Gadgets that rent well here are cameras, DJ equipment, camera lenses, drones, musical instruments, sewing machines, electric scooters and transport vehicles.

You could rent your item out for $25 – $50 a day or more while relaxing on the sofa.

Here are a few other sites to rent out your gadgets on:


7. Rent Out a Spare Room

rent a room on Airbnb

Renting out a spare room is an easy way to make passive income.

If you live in a city or in an area that receives tourists, you can list your room on Airbnb and make $50+ per day.

Listing the room is free and you can choose the dates for when it’s available.

Once you have a renter, just meet and greet to hand over the keys and enjoy extra passive income.

Here are a few more popular sites to rent out rooms on:

Read: How to Start an Airbnb Business without Owning a House


8. Get Paid to Taste Test Food

Lazy food lovers can get paid up to $50 to taste test food, sometimes from home.

Many big brands use testers to try out a new product before it hits the shelves. Sign up to market research companies where you’ll be asked to fill out your details.

If you fit the demographic, you may get invited to trials.

Some will send you samples to taste at home and some ask participants to join a focus group.

Tastingfood.co.uk pays testers between $5 – $50 in supermarket vouchers for each product tested.

Here are a few more companies that’ll pay you to test food:


9. Get Paid for Your Opinion

get paid for your opinion

Some paid focus groups pay up to $100 an hour just to hear your opinion about something!

Many big companies conduct paid research studies online, which help improve their product or business.

One point to remember is; each company will want a certain demographic for their study.

You may be asked where you live or what age you are, to see if you’re a fit.

But if you have what they’re looking for, you may get invited to a paid one-on-one discussion or group chat.

Companies that pay the highest include:

Learn more here: How to Earn Money with Focus Groups (Up to $300/Hour)


10. Switch Bank Accounts for a Big Bonus

lazy ways to make money

Many bank accounts will pay customers, just to switch to using their services.

One of the easiest lazy ways to make money, you can make a few hundred pounds in a few clicks.

Simply Google ‘cash bonus for switching banks’ or take a look at these banks in the UK that pay you to switch to them:

  • First Direct: Pays newbies £125 to switch over
  • HSBC Advance: Get a free £125 to switch over
  • Virgin Money: Gives switchers a £150 voucher to put towards a Virgin experience day


11. Start Affiliate Marketing

lazy ways to make money

It’s not easy to make money affiliate marketing, but it is simple.

If you love scrolling on social media, you can start promoting products and receive a commission when someone buys through your link. 

I make money with affiliate marketing on Twitter and Pinterest.

I tweet about making money online and the success mindset. Occasionally I link to a course or product I’ve used that helped me.

When someone clicks on my affiliate link, I make a commission from the product creator.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest side hustles to start for free. There are many free affiliate marketing courses to learn the basics.

To start making money affiliate marketing, you need:

  • An affiliate link
  • Social media account and/or a blog
  • Time each day to promote your affiliate link

Learn more by reading this Twitter affiliate marketing guide.


Further reading:


12. Sell Print on Demand Apparel

This is a simple way to make passive income daily online.

All you need to do is create designs for free in Canva or on an app like WordSwag and upload these to a print-on-demand (POD) platform.

Some of the best POD platforms include:

Once you have your designs uploaded, the POD platform will print your designs onto either a t-shirt, mug, rucksack or anything else that’s requested once an order comes in.

This is a perfect way for lazy creators to make money!

Read: How to Sell T-Shirts on Etsy Using Printify


13. Earn Investing in Dividend Stocks

lazy ways to make money

Investing in the right stocks builds long-term wealth and can boost your monthly income.

Dividend stocks are companies with a track record of distributing earnings back to shareholders.

You can invest in certain dividend stocks and get paid when big companies have leftover profits to give back.

It’s important to pick the right stocks because not all are created equal.

If you’re new to investing, take a look at this guide on how to pick the best dividend stocks.


14. Profit from Watching Videos

lazy ways to make money

There are actually more places than you think to make money watching videos.

This has to be one of the best lazy ways to make money online!

Just turn your laptop on, stream a video and earn. If the video is boring, you can even just let it run while you watch your favourite TV show.

This type of income won’t make you rich, but it’s free money so why not?

Some great places to watch videos for rewards are:


15. Install Apps on Your Phone

lazy ways to make money

You can get paid to download an app and do nothing else!

This a great lazy way to make a few extra dollars and you might be able to get rewards for doing other tasks.

Some passive income apps will pay you cash, others pay in gift cards, bitcoin or credits.

Here are a few apps and games worth checking out:


16. Rent Ad Space on Your Vehicle

lazy ways to make money

Just like selling ad space on a blog, you can rent out ad space on your vehicle.

Multiple specialist companies connect vehicle owners with businesses that want to promote services.

To get started you’ll need to ensure you meet the required criteria.

You will be asked for details on where you drive and for how many hours a day. The company will match your vehicle with brands that want to advertise in that area.

Companies that pay you to advertise on your car include:


17. Sell Feet Pictures

buy and sell feet pics

Yes, you can seriously get paid for taking pictures of your feet!

Anyone can learn how to sell feet pictures online for money and it’s a legit way to make extra cash.

But, who buys feet pics? Many companies need pictures of feet to sell their foot-related products.

Examples include beauty, healthcare and shoe sellers.

You can set up a dedicated social media account to sell your feet pics, or try out these foot-focused websites:

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18. Read Books Out Loud

Audiobooks have become a convenient way to read for many.

And, this rise in popularity means audiobook narrators are in demand.

If you have a smooth-sounding voice and love to read, you could make money reading audiobooks out loud.

Pay is made per audio hour, or you can choose to receive a cut of the royalties from book sales.

There are many sites to get started with including:


19. Write Greeting Cards

create greeting cards

Have you ever read a birthday card that made you laugh and wondered who wrote it?

Greeting card text is created by writers from all over the world. While some are pro writers, others may just write part-time.

If you’re someone who has a knack for witty quotes or jokes, greeting card writing could be for you.

It’s a fun, quick way to make side hustle cash, with no long-form content required.

Check out these platforms that need greeting card writers:


20. Text and Flirt Online

lazy ways to make money

Do you spend many hours a day on your phone? Then why not get paid to text and chat to lonely people?

There are many legit platforms where you can get paid to text.

You earn according to the number of texts you send or by the hour. Each company works differently and the logistics will be explained to you when you sign up.

This is one of the best lazy ways to make money because you can do it without leaving the sofa!

Check out these companies that pay you to text:


If you love socialising, and want to earn money, check these out:


21. Chat with Language Learners


Teaching English online is another easy way to make money if you have a good grasp of the English language.

The trouble is, some companies want you to have a certification, a bachelor’s degree or at least experience.

The good news is, there are companies like Cambly, that pay fluent English speakers to have short conversations with adult ESL learners around the world. 

This is an easy, low-pressure way to make side hustle cash and you don’t need any qualifications.

A perfect lazy way to make money online!

Further reading: 10 Platforms to Teach English Online with No Experience


22. Earn Money by Clicking Ads

While it might be hard to believe, big companies do pay people to click on their ads, videos and emails.

If you’re looking for the best lazy ways to make money online, getting paid-to-click ads is a side hustle to try out.

You won’t become a millionaire doing this type of work, but it’s easy and can be done while you’re watching TV!

Legit platforms that need people for this type of work are called PTC (paid-to-click) sites.

Here are a few sites to get paid to click ads:


23. Profit from Free Bets

online sports betting

Many savvy people make hundreds and even thousands monthly from free bookmaker incentive bets.

It is a legit and tax-free way to make money online.

Matched betting works by turning the free welcome bookmaker bet, into cash you can withdraw. 

In a nutshell, you do this by betting on both outcomes of a game so you can’t lose.

By doing this, you unlock the free bet, which you can use again to unlock more free bookmaker cash.

If you’re still confused, read my article: Matched Betting Guide: How to Make Money from Free Bets.


24. Test Video Games for Money

play video games

A fun way to make money with minimal effort is to become a game tester from home.

Many companies offer remote game tester jobs no experience, so, if you love gaming, this could be your ideal way to boost your bank account without much effort.

Game tester jobs are generally in 2 categories:

  • Play testers who focus on user experience
  • Quality assurance testers who are tasked with finding technical issues within a game

Often, you’ll work alongside game developers to ensure a new game is up to par, but the work can be done from the comfort of your home.

Gaming enthusiasts also might be interested in how to make money off Steam.

25. Complete Simple Tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk

MTURK homepage

If you’re looking to avoid hard work, Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTURK) is a great place to find easy, paid assignments that can be completed when you feel like it.

Businesses and brands post small tasks that they have on the platform and MTURK workers can scroll through these micro-jobs and complete any that suits their skills and needs.

A few paid tasks you might see on MTURK include:

  • Image and video tagging
  • Data verification and cleanup
  • Gathering information and filling out surveys

If you want to earn extra income, without much work, MTURK is well worth checking out.

26. Earn Passive Income Selling Photos Online

Another one of the easiest ways to make money as a lazy person is to sell your images to stock photo websites.

While you have to make a little effort to take great photos, once that’s done, photo sales will become a passive income stream, as they’ll sell over and over without you having to lift a finger again!

Great photos are in high demand as brands and bloggers always need new media to use in blog posts, social media content and other marketing material.

Check out these best online platforms to sell photos:

And remember, you can even sell photos via your own website and your social media accounts, although this will take a bit more effort!


Lazy Ways to Make Money – Conclusion

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of lazy ways to make money.

We can all feel lazy sometimes, especially after working long hours in a full-time job.

So it’s good to know there are many ways to make good money easily and quickly.

The side hustles mentioned in this article can be fitted in around your 9-5. Try a few out and see which one suits you and your lifestyle.


Want more money? Check these articles out:


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