How to Make Money Off Steam (11 Ways for Beginners)

How to Make Money Off Steam

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Are you wondering how to make money off Steam? With the platform’s growing popularity, there are numerous opportunities for beginners, to generate real cash through a range of activities.

From collecting and selling in-game items to developing and selling games, there are multiple ways to earn money using your Steam account.

If you didn’t already know, the Steam marketplace is an online gaming platform that hosts thousands of games that are available to be bought and downloaded.

The platform was created in 2003 by Valve and today boasts over 100 million users!

A few top features of Steam include:

  • Chat to friends via Steam chat
  • View different people’s gameplay
  • Participate in gaming discussion forums
  • Over 30,000 games
  • Early access to games
  • Enjoy exclusive deals, game updates and perks
  • Tools to create and distribute your own games


Let’s check out legitimate ways to make money on Steam.




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How to Make Money Off Steam as a Player

how to make money off steam

Looking to earn some extra Steam Wallet credit while enjoying your favourite games?

There are several ways for players to earn Steam money which are detailed below.


1. Flip Trading Cards and Badges

Steam trading cards

One of the simplest ways to make money on Steam is by collecting and selling trading cards and badges obtained through playing games.

When players complete certain tasks within a game, they can earn trading cards, which can then be crafted into badges.

These badges can be sold on the Steam Community Market for a profit. By identifying popular games with valuable cards and crafting badges strategically, players can earn extra Steam Wallet money.


2. Selling Cosmetic Crates

​Cosmetic Crates can be earned just by playing a game or can be purchased with in-game currency.

A few popular Steam games that often drop crates include:

– Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

– Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Crates are often released in these games at least 2 times a week and can be sold immediately for a couple of dollars each.


3. Get Free Steam Wallet Codes

One of the best ways to make extra money on this gaming platform is by participating in surveys and completing simple tasks.

Get paid to sites such as Survey Junkie offer easy ways to earn free Steam codes and free gift cards that can often be traded in for real money and transferred to your bank account.

The paid tasks you can choose to take part in include things like watching videos, playing games, completing surveys, searching the web, clicking on ads, reading emails and shopping online.

A few market research companies that will pay for your time include:

Survey Junkie

American Consumer Opinion.

Opinion Inn.

Read about more survey sites that pay cash instantly.


4. Sell Early Access Content

New games are released on Steam all the time and you can make money by selling early access to this exclusive content.

Pre-release content game sales can be lucrative as avid gamers want to be the first to get their hands on this.

Types of pre-release valuable items you could get access to from developers include:

– Crates

– Exclusive skins

– Various in-game items

Much of this early access content won’t be available once the game is released, so, if you get access to any, it’s worth holding onto it, so you can sell it on the Steam platform later on.

And, it’s important to note that as these are rare in-game items, that not many people have, you can often make hundreds or even thousands of dollars for these items (yes, really!).


5. Livestream Gameplay on YouTube and Twitch

Gamers can leverage their passion for playing and streaming games with content creation on platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

Money can be made on Twitch and YouTube videos through:

– Advertising

– Sponsorships

– Subscriptions

– Donations from viewers

– Selling apparel

Building a loyal community and creating engaging videos are essential for establishing a sustainable revenue stream with this method.


6. Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

While Steam doesn’t have its own affiliate program, you can promote affiliate products via your gaming videos, blog or social media accounts where you talk about Steam gaming.

For example, if you live stream gameplay on YouTube and have a decent amount of followers, you can become an affiliate for the tech you use such as your laptop, gaming chair or headphones and place affiliate links in your video description.

When someone clicks on a link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission that’s agreed upon with the affiliate vendor.

Read how to start affiliate marketing with no money.


7. Sell Items and Item Drops

item drop examples

Participating in esports events and tournaments on Steam can present opportunities to win valuable in-game items and item drops.

By leveraging their skills and competing in popular games, players can earn prizes and find valuable virtual items. These items can then be sold on the Steam Community Market for profit.

The value of these items will vary according to market demand. It’s a good idea to hold onto an item and sell it when not many other people have it to get the best price.


8. Sell Freelance Art as a Graphic Artist

Players with graphic design skills can capitalize on the demand for unique and visually appealing in-game items by offering their services as freelance artists.

Creating custom art, logos, or visual content for gaming communities and individuals can result in a steady income stream.

Identifying niche markets and understanding the value of artistic contributions is crucial for success.


9. Design and Sell Mods in the Steam Workshop

how to make money off steam

Another way to boost your Steam wallet funds is to create and sell modifications in the Steam workshop.

Popular mods that are created by players include:

– Maps

– Characters

– Stories

– Items

– Missions

By creating cool mods, you get to build your followers, enhance your developer skills and make extra money.


How to Make Money Off Steam as a Developer

Steam provides numerous opportunities for developers to earn money through game development and sales.

If you have development skills, here are a few ways you can cash in:


10. Creating and Selling Your Own Original Game

distribution program description

Developing and selling your original game on Steam is the best way to make money as a game developer.

The process begins with creating a game that resonates with the gaming community, followed by submitting it to Steam for review and potential inclusion in their store. 

Marketing your game through various channels, such as social media, gaming communities, and influencers, is crucial to attract players to your game.

Successful game developers on Steam benefit from a revenue-sharing model, where they earn a percentage of the sales generated from their game.


11. Selling In-Game Items and Downloadable Content

In addition to creating standalone games, developers can also profit from selling in-game items and downloadable content (DLC) on the Steam Community Market.

This involves designing and integrating virtual items within the game and making them available for purchase within the Steam ecosystem. 

For beginners, it’s important to identify items that are in demand and have value to maximize profits.

Engaging with the gaming community, gathering feedback, and understanding player preferences can help developers create sought-after in-game items, contributing to a steady income stream.


Tips for Success in Making Money on Steam

While anyone can try to make money on Steam, it doesn’t always mean they’re successful.

The most successful Steam accounts follow best practices, stay informed and do continual research. Follow these tips for success:


Stay Informed About Steam Updates, Privacy Policy, and Guidelines

.Make sure you read the Steam subscriber agreement so you always follow best practices when using the platform.

Stay informed about Steam updates so you know when new tools are released and how you can leverage these to boost your income.


Research Player Feedback and Stay Updated On Industry Trends

Researching player feedback gives an insight into current market demands, helping you tailor your offerings to the needs and preferences of the gaming community.

Staying updated on industry trends allows you to anticipate shifts in the market, giving you a competitive edge and enhancing your monetization strategies.


Engage with Fellow Players and Make Connections in the Gaming Community

Join Steam’s community forums, participate in discussions, and collaborate on projects with like-minded individuals.

These interactions can expose you to new revenue streams and innovative approaches to making money on Steam.


How to Make Money Off Steam – What Can You Earn?

So, you want to know the income potential of making money off Steam? Here’s the lowdown:


Understanding the Income Potential

What you earn on Steam can vary widely depending on the income-generating methods you choose and your level of commitment.

The platform offers various opportunities, from selling in-game items and trading cards to offering coaching services or creating and selling original content.

It’s essential to note that while some users have made substantial earnings, the income potential is not guaranteed and can fluctuate based on market demand, game popularity, and other factors.

The way to make the most money on Steam is to create and sell your own game.

You can price your game at what you like, from $1 up to $70 or more. But, try to be realistic with pricing and not price it higher than some of the more well-known developers.

It’s also important to factor in that Steam will take 30% of your sales.

A few inspirational facts:

1% of the top Steam games earned over $25 million.

10% of the top Steam games earned over $430,000.

25% of the top Steam games earned over $50,000.


How Does Steam Pay You?

Steam offers various methods for developers and content creators to earn money. Here is some payment info to be aware of:


Revenue Share Method

Steam employs a revenue share model to compensate creators for their contributions.

Participating developers receive payments every month, usually within 30 days of the end of the calendar month. This aligns with Steam’s commitment to providing timely and consistent compensation to its developer community.


Minimum Earnings Requirement

It’s important to note that Steam imposes a minimum payment threshold.

To receive payments from their digital wallet, a developer must have earned a minimum amount, typically set at $100. Once this threshold is met, the developer becomes eligible for payment processing.


Payment Distribution

Steam predominantly pays creators via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), a secure and efficient bank-to-bank transfer method.

This ensures that developers can conveniently receive their earnings directly in their bank accounts without hurdles or delays.


​Final Thoughts on How to Make Money Off Steam

Now you know how to make money off Steam, it’s down to you to choose the right opportunity and make it happen.

Whether you want to leverage your tech knowledge to create and sell games, or you want to explore something simpler like creating gaming videos, taking surveys or selling rare items – this platform offers many ways to profit.

Just remember to do your research, stay up to date on industry trends and participate in the Steam community which could allow you to build new connections and possible money-making collaborations!

Want more ways to profit from gaming?

Check out these remote game tester jobs no experience + tips on how to get started.


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How to Make Money Off Steam (11 Ways for Beginners)
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How to Make Money Off Steam (11 Ways for Beginners)
How to Make Money Off Steam (11 Ways for Beginners).
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