23 Fun Remote Jobs Hiring Now (Uplifting Employment 2024)

fun remote jobs that are hiring

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Looking for fun remote jobs that are hiring?

You’ve probably heard of many common jobs that can be done from home such as website design, teaching Englishdata entry and virtual assistance.

But, there are many different and interesting remote jobs, you might not know even existed.

While work is still work, with you giving up your time to perform a task, it helps if the job you are doing has an element of fun to it, or is at least interesting.

I’m sure we’ve all done jobs that we didn’t really like just for the paycheck.

But as you get older, you realise life is short! It’s a waste of valuable time to spend half your life doing something you don’t enjoy.

This is why I’ve compiled a list of the best fun remote jobs that are hiring, plus what they pay and how to apply.


Overview of the Best Fun Remote Jobs 

  1. Trivia Host
  2. Be a Virtual Friend
  3. Get Paid for Texting
  4. Customer Happiness Officer
  5. Social Media Marketer
  6. Pinterest Manager
  7. Audiobook Narrator
  8. Travel Consultant
  9. Comment Moderator
  10. Virtual Fitness Coach
  11. Virtual Concierge
  12. Answering Questions
  13. Focus Groups
  14. Video Game Tester
  15. Test Websites
  16. Product Tester
  17. Social Media Influencer
  18. Virtual Juror
  19. Voiceover Artist
  20. Music Reviewer
  21. Give Advice
  22. Webinar Host
  23. Mobile Notary


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23 Fun Remote Jobs That Are Hiring Today

Ready to ditch the boring career and get a fun job that makes you happy?

Read on to find out about fun jobs that are currently hiring for remote workers.


1. Trivia Host

fun remote jobs that are hiring

The company Bundle Benefits is an employee experience platform, that allows users to access 1-on-1 small group training sessions, to improve well-being, productivity and engagement.

They need trivia hosts to lead the group activities for kids, teens, adults and employees.

Current job openings range from entry-level to management in several divisions.

Open jobs include;

  • Crafts instructor
  • Scratch coding instructor
  • Math instructor
  • Hebrew instructor
  • HIIT instructor
  • Many more…

To apply: Fill out their application process and complete an interview and checks. If accepted, you can onboard and start leading fun, interactive sessions online.

Pay: Undisclosed.


2. Be a Virtual Friend

One of the best fun remote jobs is virtual friendship.

Believe it or not, there are multiple platforms where people go and pay someone to be their friend.

Virtual friend platforms have become extremely popular over the years, with many struggling to deal with face-to-face social situations.

Virtual friends help people out with a range of tasks from chatting on the phone, learning a new skill and even meeting up and showing them around a new city.

Once signed up to a virtual friend platform, you can detail the things you are willing to help out with.

Virtual friend platforms worth checking out include:

To apply: Create your profile, describe yourself and your skills, take a personality quiz, set up your payment details and activate your profile.

Pay: Up to $50 an hour but you can set your own rates.

Further reading: 5 Platforms to Get Paid to Be a Virtual Friend (Up to $50/Hour)


3. Get Paid for Texting

fun remote jobs that are hiring

Another simple and fun remote job is texting people for cash.

If you love spending time on your phone, this can be a lucrative side hustle that will pay a few bills. Different companies need workers to receive and respond to texts.

Pay varies, either according to the number of texts exchanged or by the hour.

Some positions require you to chat to lonely guys and others need you to respond to customer requests.

A few text and chat platforms worth checking out include:

To apply: Fill out your details and complete the registration process. Each is different depending on where you apply.

Pay: Will vary depending on the company. But, pay generally ranges from $10 – $60 and hour.

Further reading: Get Paid to Text: 20 Best Platforms 2023 (Up to $60/Hour)


4. Customer Happiness Officer

Customer happiness officer jobs are also otherwise known as customer service, customer experience and customer happiness executives.

The job entails making sure the customer has a good experience buying a product or using a service with a particular company.

This fun remote job requires you to be happy, chatty and extremely helpful, making sure the customer leaves the interaction having a good experience.

Many companies hire for these positions because if the customer is happy, they will come back for more.

To apply: Google ‘customer happiness jobs’ and apply to any that fit your skills. The job requires you to chat over the phone, over social media and reply to emails.

Pay: On average, customer happiness specialists earn $13.90/hour in the US.


5. Social Media Marketer

A social media marketer creates content on different social platforms to boost a company’s brand awareness and attract new customers.

This could be on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any of the others.

A social media marketer can specialise in one or all of these platforms. If you love spending time on social media, this is an ideal fun remote job for you.

Plus, this is an in-demand position, as many businesses don’t have time to update their social accounts themselves.

To apply: Make sure you have social media marketing experience or at least have a social account to show that you have grown a large number of followers. Apply to jobs on remote job sites, or email companies directly detailing how you can help grow their social presence.

Pay: The average pay for social media marketers in the US is $21.05 per hour, but will vary depending on who you work for and your experience.


6. Pinterest Manager

fun remote jobs that are hiring

Do you spend hours messing around on Pinterest, saving pins and creating idea boards for your next project?

If so, becoming a Pinterest manager is an ideal fun remote job for you.

The job requires you to set up and/or manage a Pinterest account, create pins, save related pins, create and manage boards and ensure the account continually grows and sends traffic to a business.

Many bloggers and business owners employ Pinterest managers when they don’t have time to do the work themselves.

To apply: Google ‘Pinterest manager jobs’ or reach out to companies directly to see if they need help. Make sure you have some knowledge and experience building and managing a Pinterest account.

If you have built your own Pinterest to be extremely active, this can be how you show you have experience for the job. Otherwise, you can take a free Pinterest marketing course to show you have the right skills.

Pay: Pinterest manager salaries range from $15 to $50 an hour, depending on who you work for.


7. Audiobook Narrator

With audiobooks being so popular, audiobook narrators are in demand.

If you love reading and have an energetic talking voice, this could be an ideal, fun remote job for you.

All you need to get started is a microphone, headphones, a laptop and a quiet space to record in.

You’ll need to clearly articulate words and phrases and be able to bring characters to life.

To apply: Many audiobook narration sites are hiring now like ACXBrilliance Publishing and Bunny Studio. While each has a different sign-up process, you will have to upload a voice sample to show what you can do.

Pay: Choose to get paid per audio hour or to receive a 50/50 split of the royalties. Pay ranges from $100 for beginners and up to $500 per audio hour for experienced narrators.

Further reading: How to Make Money Reading Audiobooks: 19 Sites Hiring Today


8. Travel Consultant

This is a fun remote job where you help people plan their next vacation.

If you love to travel and have expert knowledge, you can guide people to the best deals on hotels and flights. Plus, advise on the best local attractions and restaurants not to miss.

While travel consultants used to just be in-store, now, virtual travel consultancy has become more common.

Companies offering remote travel agent jobs include:

To apply: Sign up and add in your experience and any relatable qualifications. Search through the jobs section and apply for remote travel consultant jobs.

Pay: Pay ranges from $15 – $25 per hour, depending on who you work for.

Take a look at these 17 companies hiring home-based travel agents.


9. Comment Moderator

fun remote jobs that are hiring

Comment moderators have to read through comments on a website or forum and delete anything inappropriate.

The job may require you to take note of repeat offenders and ban them if their behaviour continues.

A comment moderator may also be asked to take note of the questions people ask.

This is valuable information for a business, helping them to improve their products and services.

To apply: Comment moderator jobs can be found on the big remote job sites. Or you can set up a profile on Fiverr or Upwork, offering comment moderation services for a fee.

Pay: Comment moderator jobs reportedly pay from $13 to $15 per hour.

Take a look at the best online chat moderator jobs hiring today.


10. Virtual Fitness Coach

Are you full of energy and always found down the gym each day?

Do you know the difference between a hamstring curl and a bicep curl? If this sounds like you, virtual fitness coaching is the perfect fun remote job for you.

Virtual trainers do the same as trainers in the gym – design fitness programs and help people reach their unique fitness goals.

Workout programs can be designed on apps such as Trainerize and TrueCoach, allowing your client to access them anywhere.

To apply: Online fitness coaching jobs are generally freelance. If you have clients in the gym already you can sign them up. If not, start building an online presence on Instagram showing your workouts and people will start asking for your help.

Pay: Can set your own rates. Some online PTs charge a monthly retainer, or you could sell one-off fitness and nutrition programs.

Read about easy fitness side hustles you can do in your spare time.


11. Virtual Concierge

A virtual concierge assists hotel guests in booking services, making reservations and booking transportation.

In addition, they may be asked for recommendations for the best places to visit, or where to buy something for example.

Some virtual concierge companies hire people in certain cities because they have the best, insider knowledge of what’s going on.

It helps if you’ve worked as an in-house concierge to get this type of work.

To apply: Fill out your details on Capitol Concierge and submit the background check. Wait to see if you’re accepted for the position.

Pay: The average hourly pay for a virtual concierge is $14.76 according to Payscale.


12. Answering Questions

fun remote jobs that are hiring

Do you have in-depth knowledge of a subject? Are you that person who always has the answers in a pub quiz?

If you answered yes to one or both of these, answering questions for money is a possible career option.

Sites such as PrestoExpertsStudyPool and Experts123 need professional people to answer questions for the public and students.

Each platform pays you to leave quality answers and if they’re good, you can earn a decent amount of money.

To apply: While each site works a little differently, most will ask you for your general details, proof of expertise and payment details.

Pay: Pay will vary and some pay per question answered or for the amount of time you spend answering a question via phone or live chat.


13. Focus Groups

Taking part in focus groups is a fun remote job anyone can do.

Companies want the general public’s opinion about their products and services and will pay someone to get them for them.

Apply to be a part of focus group platforms like:

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be contacted when a focus group fits your persona. For example, some might only want 40-year-old women and some might need men who have lost a job recently.

Many focus groups are held in person, but some are held online via video chat.

To apply: You will be asked to fill out your personal details so you can be matched with the right focus groups.    

Pay: Pay ranges from $50 up to $400 depending on who you work for.

Read this guide on how to make money with focus groups.


14. Video Game Tester

If you love playing video games for hours on end, why not get paid for your time?

Video game testers are asked to play a new game, note down what they do or do not like, detail how the controls feel and mention if they find any glitches.

While it sounds fun, you may get stuck playing a game you don’t actually like. But, the upside is, that you’ll get to try out games before they reach the mass market.

To do this job well, you’ll need a good knowledge of how video games work so you can give great feedback.

To apply: Check out these 7 remote game tester jobs hiring now.

Pay: Game testers get paid from $22.49 up to $30.61 per hour, depending on experience.

15. Test Websites

fun remote jobs that are hiring

If testing games is not your thing, how about testing out websites?

Website testing is one of the best fun remote jobs, anyone can make money from.

This role requires you to scroll through different websites and perform simple tasks while talking about your experience.

Companies pay people to do this, so they can learn about the user-friendliness of their site and where they need to make improvements.

All you need is a laptop with good internet speed, basic internet knowledge and a decent computer microphone.

Platforms like UserTesting and Userlytics are good places to start applying for website testing jobs.

To apply: Click on the ‘become a tester’ tab and take the qualification test. Once accepted, you’ll receive an email when testing jobs are available.

Pay: The average pay for website testers in $10 per test which lasts around 20 minutes.


16. Product Tester

If you love giving your opinion and trying out new things, working as a product tester from home could be one of the best fun remote jobs for you.

Big companies want feedback on new products and services they create and use product testers to see where they need to make improvements.

No qualifications are needed to be a product tester, but some companies will want to work with certain demographics that are their target audience.

Some product testing jobs will be paid, some will allow you to keep free products and some offer both!

To apply: Check out these product tester jobs from home hiring now.

Pay: Will vary depending on the test and brand.


17. Social Media Influencer

Becoming a social media influencer is a fun way to make a living!

This type of work includes promoting brand products and services to your audience for a fee.

To succeed, you will need a large following on Instagram or TikTok and be able to create engaging posts that make people take action.

But, the work offers job flexibility, with no fixed schedule and you can make huge amounts of money when your account starts to get traction.

Find influencer partnerships on platforms like:

To apply: Create profiles on influencer platforms and reach out to major companies you want to work with.

Pay: Unlimted income potential according to your follower count.


18. Virtual Juror

fun remote jobs that are hiring

Virtual jury work is a job where you participate in a mock jury to help lawyers to prepare for trial.

The best part about this type of work is that you can do it from home and you don’t need any formal education, as they often want virtual jurors from a range of backgrounds.

While taking part in an online mock jury, you may be asked to:

  • Read transcripts
  • Inspect photos
  • Watch videos
  • Answer questions and give your verdict

To secure this work for the first time, you must be at least 18 years of age, have a clean record, be proficient at reading and writing and be a resident of the United States.

To apply: Search these platforms for opportunities – eJury and Jury Test.

Pay: $200 – $700 depending on the length and type of study.


19. Voiceover Artist

If you have a smooth-sounding voice and enjoy reading, working as a voiceover artist could be an ideal, fulfilling career for you.

Voice-over artists narrate content such as:

  • Films
  • Animations
  • Video games
  • Audiobooks

The work is flexible and can be done from home, as long as you have the correct equipment and quiet space to read scripts effectively.

To apply: Check who’s hiring in our guide on how to start a voiceover career with no experience.

Pay: Earnings depend on experience and project type.


20. Listen to Music

You might not quite believe it, but you can get paid to listen to music!

It’s a fun and rewarding job, especially for music lovers who like to discover new artists.

New artists want your opinion on their new tracks and you can help out by listening and writing reviews.

A few platforms that pay music lovers include:

While this is a fun way to earn, it often doesn’t pay that much so you might want to learn how to become a music ghostwriter to bump up your monthly, musical earnings!

To apply: Sign up on multiple music review sites and follow instructions to earn.

Pay: Up to $12/song.


21. Get Paid to Give Advice

fun remote jobs that are hiring

Are you the one your friends go to for advice?

Do you spend hours talking friends through their troubles?

If yes, you probably have the perfect skill set to give expert advice to others on various online platforms.

This remote position is in demand, pays well and you can enjoy flexibility working the hours that suit you.

Check out these platforms that need paid advice givers:

To apply: Learn how to get paid to give advice online here.

Pay: You can set your own hourly rate.


22. Webinar Host

Webinar hosts are tasked with presenting online presentations on a range of different subjects.

The necessary skills to succeed in this role include great communication skills, strong presentation skills and be a subject matter expert.

You can choose to create your own webinar to sell a product or apply for a remote role by searching job boards online.

To apply: Research a webinar topic to create your own and devise a marketing strategy to get sign-ups.

Pay: A few hundred to thousands of dollars per webinar depending on your experience.


23. Mobile Notary

A mobile notary is tasked with being an official witness to the signing of documents and also has to verify the identity of all participants.

This will include handling documents such as contracts, loan documents, affidavits and more and part of the job role is to ensure no type of fraud or coercion is taking place.

You will need training and experience to become a mobile notary – learn more in this guide from the Notaries Society.

But once you’re qualified, the work is generally flexible and interesting, allowing you to enjoy a fulfilling work life.

To apply: Get relevant training and experience. Apply for Notary jobs with One Notary.

Pay: Average salary of $22 – $24 an hour.


What is Remote Work?

Remote work is a style of work that is done outside of the traditional office environment.

Instead of commuting to a workplace each day, remote workers do their job from home, in a coffee shop or anywhere with a fast internet connection.

Work-at-home jobs have become popular, due to the fact people can have more flexibility with their schedule and be location independent if they wish.

After the pandemic, many companies have carried on letting employees work remotely full-time and part-time.

fun remote jobs that are hiring


What Do Remote Employees Do?

Remote employees are hired to fulfil a certain job role from home.

Each remote job will have a certain set of responsibilities and daily tasks.

Common remote work roles include:

  • Customer service
  • Freelance writing
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Website design
  • Administrative assistant
  • Call centre representative
  • Digital marketer
  • SEO specialist
  • Virtual assistance
  • IT consultant


What is the Easiest Fun Job to Do Remotely?

Being a virtual friend and getting paid for texting are two of the easiest fun remote jobs.

Virtual friendship requires you to chat and hang out with someone and occasionally take part in fun activities such as cooking or watching a film.

You can choose what you are comfortable doing as a virtual friend, meaning you can choose any fun activities you like!

Getting paid to text is another easy, fun remote job. Texting is what you do most days anyway, so why not get paid for it.

fun remote jobs that are hiring


What is the Highest Paying Fun Remote Job?

One of the highest-paying fun remote jobs is taking part in focus groups.

Certain focus groups will pay up to $400 for an hour of your time. However, the majority pay $50 – $100, which is still very good pay for just giving your opinion.

Video game testers also get paid very well. They can earn up $30+ an hour if they have experience.

Starting a virtual personal training business can also pay well. You can set your own rates which could be $100 – $200 or more, per person, per month.


Which Fun Remote Job Will You Apply For?

The right remote jobs will make the workday fly by while you have fun!

If you’re looking for something simple to get started with, try out website testing or focus groups.

Both can be done by any person even with minimal experience and training.

Some fun remote jobs such as comment moderation and being a customer happiness officer are easy to get but will likely have a lot of competition for these roles.

But, at the end of the day, which fun remote job you apply for is down to you.

My advice is to apply for multiple at a time to give yourself a greater chance of success.


Final Thoughts on Fun Remote Jobs Hiring Today

As you can see, there are many fun remote jobs out there. Not all will be right for you, but apply to the ones you feel fit your lifestyle and skillset.

And this list is not exhaustive – thanks to the internet, there are hundreds of different remote jobs out there.

For further inspiration, check these articles:


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23 Fun Remote Jobs Hiring Now (Uplifting Employment 2024)
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23 Fun Remote Jobs Hiring Now (Uplifting Employment 2024)
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