Get Paid to Review Calls: 11 Online Jobs Hiring Today

Get Paid to Review Calls

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Are you looking for ways to supplement to supplement your income? If so, you might want to get paid to review calls! 

Call reviewing might not have crossed your mind as a way to make money, but in a world where customer service and user experience are pivotal, your ability to analyze and provide feedback on phone interactions is a service that companies are willing to pay for.

By dedicating time to listen to recorded calls, tagging them based on given criteria, and sometimes offering written feedback, you can become an important asset to businesses aiming to enhance their customer interaction quality.

Anyone can make extra cash by reviewing calls without prior experience as you’ll be given training and this home job frequently has open positions.

So, if you have a mobile phone and some free time, read on to learn how to get paid to review phone calls!


Get Paid to Review Phone Calls Overview

Here are the main ways to get paid to review calls that we talk about below.

  1. Humantic
  2. Virtual assistant call reviewer
  3. Freelance call reviewer
  4. Transcribe audio
  5. Mystery shopper call reviewer
  6. Reynolds and Reynolds
  7. American Financing
  8. Point QA
  9. Listeners App
  10. Call Source
  11. Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)




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11 Best Ways to Get Paid to Review Calls

Various companies offer a variety of call reviewing opportunities.

if you want to make extra income on your own schedule as an independent contractor, take a look at the opportunities below.


1. Humantic

get paid to review calls

Working with Humanatic offers you a chance to earn extra money by sorting and tagging recorded calls.

As a call reviewer, your task involves listening to calls, categorizing them correctly, and providing insights that can help companies with training and customer service strategies.

People with a keen ear and an ability to spot details will find this type of work fitting.

Jobs with Humanatic are found directly on their website, and while base pay may start at only a few cents per call, potential earnings can accumulate with work experience and the volume and complexity of calls handled.


2. Virtual Assistant Call Reviewer

As a Virtual Assistant Call Reviewer, your role encompasses more than just reviewing calls.

You may be tasked with scheduling, customer support, and data entry, alongside assessing recorded calls for quality.

This job is ideal for those who have a background in administrative support or customer service.

Search for virtual assistant jobs on various job boards or companies like Upwork and pay can vary greatly depending on the client and the complexity of the tasks, averaging between $10 to $30 an hour.


3. Review Calls on a Freelance Basis

Get Paid to Review Calls

On a freelance basis, you can offer call reviewing services to clients via platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.

This flexible work allows you to take on projects as per your availability and skill level.

It’s suitable for those with excellent listening and analytical skills who enjoy varied assignments.

The pay is generally set per project or per hour, and you have the freedom to set your rates commensurate with your experience.

Learn more in our guide on how to make money on Fiverr with no skills.


4. Transcribe Audio

Transcription involves listening to call recordings and converting them into written documents.

Learn how to be a transcriptionist in our detailed guide.

If you have fast typing skills and good comprehension of spoken language, this might be the right job for you.

Transcribing audio can be found through specialized transcription websites like Rev or TranscribeMe, and the pay often depends on the length of the audio, with average rates around $15 to $25 per audio hour transcribed.

Find work in our big list of remote transcription jobs for beginners.


5. Mystery Shopper Call Reviewer

Get Paid to Review Calls

As a Mystery Shopper Call Reviewer, you will pose as a customer, make calls to businesses, and answer simple questions about the experience.

The point is to give feedback to businesses on the quality of service you receive so they can see where improvements need to be made.

This is a great side hustle perfect for someone with an eye for customer service quality and who wants to work hours that suit them.

Opportunities can be found through market research firms or mystery shopping companies, such as:

Pay will vary based on the complexity of the shop and typically falls between $5 to $20 per call.

Learn more about product tester jobs from home no exprience.


6. Reynolds and Reynolds

Working with Reynolds and Reynolds means evaluating calls within the automotive industry.

Your role would involve assessing the quality of customer service and sales calls to provide actionable feedback.

This is well-suited for individuals familiar with customer service and the auto industry.

Jobs may be found on their careers page, with earning potential being determined by the job role and your previous experience in the industry.


7. American Financing

get paid to review calls

At American Financing, call reviewers are needed for quality assurance roles within the finance domain.

Your job can be done from a home office and would require reviewing loan officers’ calls for compliance and service standards.

This position is ideal for those with a background or personal experience in finance or quality control.

Employment opportunities can typically be found directly through American Financing’s career portal, and pay is competitive for the finance sector.


8. Point QA

With Point QA, you have the opportunity to become a part of their analyst team, providing call quality reviews and improving business communication strategies.

This job is suitable for remote workers with an analytical mind and a passion for optimizing customer interactions.

They are currently hiring quality analysts with the following qualifications:

  • High school diploma
  • 2 years of call center experience or equivalent
  • Able to work at least 40 hours a week
  • Exceptional listening and analytical skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Must be a Filipino based in the Philippines

To get hired, you need to fill out the application, take an assessment, have a phone interview, and receive a job offer.

​Qualified candidates will be invited to complete a training and certification course.


9. Listeners App

listeners app

Listeners App is a legitimate platform where you can earn real money by reviewing and analyzing calls for various businesses.

remote agents will be tasked with listening to recorded customer service calls and offering feedback to help companies enhance their communications.

This job is great for someone who wants to work remotely and has a penchant for customer experience.

The app typically sets wages, which are task-based and transparent upfront.


10. Call Source

Call Source provides work for call reviewers focused on call monitoring, tracking, and analytics.

In this role, you’ll review calls to ensure proper tracking and categorization for marketing and sales purposes.

Those with an interest in marketing and data analysis will find this great opportunity to earn a decent amount of money.

Jobs at Call Source typically are advertised on their website, and pay may vary depending on the level of detail and analysis required.


11. Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

amazon mechaniical turk homepage

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a marketplace for micro-tasks including call review tasks.

As a worker on MTurk, you can earn a little side money reviewing calls, tagging images, transcribing audio, creating content and many more simple tasks.

This platform offers a legitimate opportunity for individuals looking for flexible work that they can complete on their own schedule.

Compensation is per task and can range from a few cents to a few dollars, depending on the complexity and length of the audio.


Get Paid to Review Calls: What is Call Reviewing?

Call reviewing is a process where you listen to recorded customer service or sales calls to evaluate their quality, adherence to protocols, and the caller’s experience.

In this role, you categorize calls based on specific criteria such as courteousness, resolution efficiency, and script compliance.

Companies often utilize these services to gain insights into customer interactions and improve their service standards.

You will be tasked with marking calls with appropriate tags or labels, identifying any issues or successes, and providing a brief analysis or feedback on each call.

You’re not just listening to conversations; you’re evaluating the performance of customer service representatives against standardized parameters set by the company contracting the work.

This work is generally flexible, allowing you to choose your hours and workload, and usually can be done from home.


What Qualifications and Skills Are Needed to Review Calls?

To become a successful call reviewer, certain qualifications and skills are paramount.

You’ll find that this role requires a mix of technical prowess, excellent communication, and an analytical mindset.

Key Qualifications:

  • Experience: Familiarity with customer service or call center environments can be beneficial.
  • Technical Skills: Proficiency with computer systems and call reviewing software.
  • Language Proficiency: A strong grasp of the language used in the calls you’ll be reviewing.


Essential Skills:

  • Active Listening: Your ability to listen carefully to call content is crucial.
  • Attention to Detail: You need to notice nuanced information and discrepancies within calls.
  • Communication Skills: Clearly articulating your findings and providing constructive feedback is important.
  • Analytical Skills: Evaluating call quality and extracting useful data requires an analytical approach.
  • Time Management: Balancing multiple reviews and meeting deadlines shows professional efficiency.


Advantageous Attributes:

  • A background in a related field such as quality assurance.
  • Patience and the capacity for repetitive tasks without losing focus.

Remember, each call reviewing platform may have specific requirements, so always check individual job listings for exact qualifications.

Your adaptability to different types of calls and industries will expand your opportunities in this role.


How Much Do Call Reviewers Earn on Average?

Get Paid to Review Calls

Call reviewer earnings can vary broadly based on the company you work for and your level of experience.

Entry-level positions often offer lower wages, while more seasoned reviewers can command higher rates. 

For example, working through platforms such as Humanatic, you might start by earning anywhere from $1 to $4.50 per hour, depending on task complexity and your efficiency.

Notably, freelancers utilizing sites like Fiverr may find varying opportunities, with pay fluctuating based on your negotiation skills and the demand for your services. 

Regular reviewers working for dedicated companies may see weekly earnings of around $80 to $100, with payments typically disbursed to a PayPal account. Here’s a quick breakdown:


Experience Level Estimated Earnings per Hour Estimated Weekly Earnings
Beginner $1 – $4.50 Varies
Intermediate Varied (Project-based) Up to $100


Bear in mind that these figures are subject to change and may evolve with market demand and your individual skill set.

Working from home offers flexibility, which is a significant factor to consider when weighing the monetary aspects of this role.


Benefits of Working as a Call Reviewer

When you step into the role of a call reviewer, you unlock a variety of benefits that suit a wide range of lifestyles and preferences.

Here’s why you might consider applying for this type of job:



You can often set your own hours and choose the amount of work you take on. This flexibility allows you to balance other responsibilities or pursue additional interests.


Work From Home

Experience the convenience of earning income from the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need to commute.


No Special Equipment Needed

You typically only need a reliable internet connection, a computer, and sometimes a headset to get started.


Skill Development

Enhance skills such as critical listening, attention to detail, and communication analysis.


Ease of Entry

With minimal barriers to entry, you can get started quickly, often without the need for extensive training or qualifications.


Financial Benefit

Call reviewing can provide a supplemental source of income or even a primary income depending on the volume of work available and your dedication.


Contribution to Improvement

Your evaluations help businesses improve their service, making a genuine impact on their success.


Get Paid to Review Calls: Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you’ll find common questions and straightforward answers about getting started and working as a call reviewer.


What are the requirements to become a freelance call reviewer?

To become a freelance call reviewer, you must have strong listening skills, attention to detail, and usually a good command of the language used in the calls. Some roles may require transcription abilities or previous experience in customer service.

Get Paid to Review Calls


How can one find legitimate call reviewer jobs?

Legitimate call reviewer jobs can be found on various freelancing platforms like Fiverr or Upwork, through call reviewing service providers like Humanatic, or on job boards dedicated to remote and freelancing work.


Are there opportunities for remote call reviewer positions?

Yes, there are numerous opportunities for remote call reviewer positions. Companies often look for freelancers who can conduct work from their own space, providing flexible work arrangements.


Can call reviewers work from home?

Call reviewers can indeed work from home. Many companies offer home-based call reviewing tasks, where reviewers listen to recorded calls and analyze them according to specific guidelines.


What equipment is needed to listen to calls from home?

To listen to calls from home, you need a reliable computer or smartphone, a stable internet connection, and potentially a pair of headphones to ensure clarity when listening to recordings. Some roles may also require transcription software if the job includes typing out the audio.


Get Paid to Review Calls: Final Thoughts

Working as a call reviewer can be a great source of income for those seeking flexibility and the comfort of working from home.

This role requires minimal experience, as you’ll often get on-the-job training, making it an accessible option for many looking to supplement their income. 

If you’re adept at recognizing customer service nuances and analyzing sales tactics, this might be the perfect fit for you.

To begin, explore platforms like HumanaticPointQA, or freelancing websites where such gigs are often posted.

And remember – your ability to provide constructive feedback will directly impact the improvement of client services, making your role significant.

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