21 Companies to Get Paid to Make Phone Calls from Home (Up to $15/Call)

Get Paid to Make Phone Calls

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Earning money through phone communication is an attractive option for those with strong interpersonal skills and a preference for remote work. If you’re comfortable speaking on the phone and maintaining a professional demeanour, there are various companies where you can get paid to make phone calls.

From customer service and tech support roles to virtual appointment setting positions, your ability to effectively communicate on the phone is a profitable skill.

The multiple opportunities in this sector include independent contracting positions and employment with full benefits. Whether you prefer the flexibility of a freelance-style gig or the stability of an hourly job, there’s a company to match your work preference.

With roles varying from following up on leads, assisting customers with their inquiries, or providing technical guidance to users, the scope for phone-based work is vast and continually expanding.


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Overview of the Best Companies to Get Paid to Make Phone Calls

  1. Blue Zebra
  2. Arc
  3. Cash4Minutes
  4. CallCenterQA
  5. Perception Strategies
  6. UpCall
  7. AmazonMTurk
  8. Secret Shopper
  9. Reality Based Group
  10. Confero
  11. Xerox
  12. SkilCheck
  13. ABetterCall
  14. Advanis
  15. CoinByCall
  16. CauseWorx
  17. Clear Evaluations
  18. Yardi Matrix
  19. NextWave
  20. OnPoint At Home
  21. Ver-A-Fast




21 Companies to Get Paid to Make Phone Calls

Get Paid to Make Phone Calls

Below, you will find an extensive list of reputable companies that pay people to make outgoing calls using their home phone or mobile phone.

Each company provides a unique way to earn money, from customer service roles to market research positions and generally doesn’t require years of cold calling experience as you’ll get on-the-job training.

The pay varies based on the company and role, and qualified candidates would apply directly through the company’s website or a designated platform.


1. Blue Zebra

At Blue Zebra, you can apply for positions involving appointment setting and administrative services.

Strong communication skills are essential as you would be representing clients in outbound calls and incoming calls.

The average pay can range from $15 to $25 per hour depending on your experience. 

To apply, visit the Blue Zebra website and complete the application process.


2. ARC

ARC (Apartment Research Consultants) offers part-time positions where you conduct mystery shopping calls to apartments.

For this role, attention to detail and acting skills can benefit you as you’ll be posing as a potential renter.

Compensation details are project-specific and disclosed upon assignment. Submit your application directly via ARC’s career portal.


3. Cash4Minutes

With Cash4Minutes, you earn money by using your spare minutes to make calls and listen to Internet radio broadcasts.

It’s one of the best part-time jobs using a mobile phone and you only need a good phone plan with unused minutes to participate.

Payments are typically made in cash or Bitcoin, and rates are listed on the Cash4Minutes website.

To get started, create an account on their platform and pay is around $0.06 – $0.08 per minute depending on your home country.


4. CallCenterQA

call center QA homepage

Engage in mystery shopping with CallCenterQA and earn around $5 per call.

Clear articulation and listening skills are necessary and you must be at least 18 years of age.

No previous experience is required, and payment is made via PayPal typically within seven days of completing a call. 

​To get started earning with this mystery shopping company, fill out the registration form giving details about yourself and wait for a response.


5. Perception Strategies

Healthcare-focused mystery shopping can be conducted through Perception Strategies. Your tasks include evaluating healthcare offices over the phone.

Effective communication skills and a background in healthcare are advantageous.

Payment varies but is typically around $12 to $17 per call. Apply directly on the Perception Strategies website.


6. Upcall

At Upcall, you join as an Upcaller to take on lead generation and survey calls for local businesses and big brands.

You’ll need strong conversational skills and a persuasive attitude, but if successful, you get rewarded with a base pay and decent commissions.

​Remote agents making cold calls can also benefit from bonuses, and incentives and as a newbie, expect to earn around $10-$15 an hour.

Callers must be based in the US and have the right calling setup, but you can choose to work on your own schedule.


7. Amazon MTurk

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (MTurk) offers a diverse set of tasks, including phone-based jobs.

Alongside finding calling jobs on this platform, you can get paid for a range of other simple tasks such as form-filling jobs and data entry tasks.

Your earning potential depends on the complexity of the tasks you undertake. It’s important to have a keen eye for detail and basic technical skills.

Register through the MTurk platform and filter the micro-jobs to find phone-based jobs by using the search function.


8. Secret Shopper

secret shopper homepage

Become a mystery shopper with Secret Shopper and get paid for calling various businesses.

While mystery shopping isn’t a full-time job, it’s a fun way to earn extra cash in your spare time

Observation skills and a neutral accent, can help you succeed and you will need a computer, headset and strong wifi.

Pay ranges and details are available after you sign up on the Secret Shopper site and access the shopper’s portal.


9. Reality Based Group

Reality Based Group offers you a platform to find mystery shopping jobs, where you are asked to evaluate customer service.

The role includes being provided with business numbers, making cold calls from your cell phone and asking questions as a customer.

At the end of each call you will have to give feedback on your experience.

You must be attentive to service details and have unbiased reporting skills. Compensation is task-specific but reportedly around $15 – $18 per successful call.

To apply, fill out the application on the Reality Based Group website.


10. Confero

With Confero, you engage in mystery shopping calls, often assessing the service quality of retail stores.

This is one of the best home jobs for someone comfortable on the phone and a great opportunity to earn real money on the side.

Sharp memory and the ability to follow detailed instructions are important here as you will have to give a detailed report of your experience.

Pay depends on the project complexity but is generally around $10 – $15 per all.


11. Xerox

While Xerox is mainly known for supplying printer supplies, it’s also a company that has get paid to make phone calls roles.

The business often hires virtual assistants, which may include phone support and phone marketing tasks.

Experience in customer service is beneficial, and technical skills may be required for certain positions.

​Expect to earn $15 – $20 an hour and head to their careers page to find out the current jobs available.


12. SkilCheck

skilcheck homepage

SkilCheck provides mystery shopping opportunities, particularly in the storage industry.

You would need strong observational skills and the ability to report accurately to succeed in this role.

While some mystery shopper roles are done on the ground, some are done by phone and you can expect to earn around $15 an hour, plus incentives.

You don’t need previous experience to get this role as training and instructions will be given.


13. A Better Call

If you have experience in sales, A Better Call offers B2B telemarketing opportunities where you can get paid to make calls.

A persuasive nature, great communication skills and at least 2 years of experience in sales are required to secure work with this company.

A few services that they pay callers for include:

  • Cold calls
  • Virtual appointment setting service
  • Database updating
  • Trade show and event follow up
  • New product introduction calls
  • Political calls

They generally pay a base depending on the type of job plus commission. You can apply for positions through A Better Call’s website.


14. Advanis

Advanis is a consulting and market research firm where you can find remote job opportunities as a telephone research interviewer.

As a market researcher for Advanis, you would conduct phone surveys that help customers make better decisions within their business.

The ability to remain neutral and collect data methodically is essential and you also need great customer service skills, a quiet space to have telephone conversations and a headset with a noise-cancelling microphone.

The job will also require you to work evenings and weekends.

Head to their careers page to apply to any suitable roles hiring now.


15. CoinByCall

At CoinByCall, you can earn bitcoin or litecoin by making phone calls from a landline or mobile phone.

You’ll want to have a cost-effective calling plan as the work includes making international calls to places such as Russia, Austria, Japan, Germany, Poland, Hungary, South Africa and more.

When you call the numbers provided a livestream of a radio station is played from the country you called. For every minute you stay listening you get paid.


16. Causeworx

causeworx homepage

Causeworx is a telefundraising agency where you can get on your mobile device and help non-profits raise donations.

The agency works with different organizations, large and small who work for a range of different causes and they offer strategic planning and consulting tailored to specific needs.

Empathy and persuasive communication skills are vital as you’ll be tasked with making relationship-building telephone calls with potential customers.

They offer an hourly rate plus potential bonuses. Keep an eye on their careers page for current job openings.


17. Clear Evaluations

Clear Evaluations offers mystery shopper phone calls which gives companies feedback on their products.

They offer a range of services, such as:

  • Social media monitoring
  • Customer experience surveys
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • In-store audits

To join the Clear Evaluations team, fill out their shopper sign-up form and once accepted, shopper assignments will be sent to you within your shopper account.


18. Yardi Matrix

Yardi Matrix recruits during specific seasons for rent surveyors to gather property rental data over the phone.

You should be able to conduct a conversation casually and have strong organizational skills to compile data into spreadsheets.

​To secure this role, you will need to be living in the United States, have experience with high call volume, strong typing skills and have at least a High School Diploma or GED.


19. NextWave

NextWave hires independent contractors for telephone-based outreach and advocacy calls.

This job allows you to work from your home office and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of running your own business.

Strong oral communication skills and a passionate attitude are required.

They provide a competitive hourly rate for completed calls and work is given on a project basis, which you can pick and choose according to your availability.


20. OnPoint at Home

With OnPoint at Home, you can work on advocacy projects involving making phone calls on behalf of various initiatives.

You will be provided with a script to use during calls and pay is usually per project. 

To be a part of their advocacy team you must have strong communication skills and a competent writer to clearly convey the information you get from advocates.


21. Ver-A-Fast

verafast homepage

Ver-A-Fast hires customer service representatives to work from home, making calls on behalf of businesses.

They have customers in a wide range of industries, such as retail, cable, banking, insurance and more.

They only hire independent contractors, so you’re free to set your own hours and tasks for this role include:

  • Customer care surveys
  • B2B lead generation
  • Answering customer queries
  • Setting customer appointments
  • Making cold calls
  • Handling call overflow

To join their team and get paid to make phone calls, you’ll need excellent written and verbal skills, plus be available to work at least 10 hours a week.


Different Types of Jobs That Pay You to Make Phone Calls

Get Paid to Make Phone Calls

In this section, explore various opportunities that allow you to leverage your communication skills over the phone.

From customer service roles to specialized tutoring positions, each job has its unique requirements and benefits.


Call Center Agent

As a call center agent, you handle a high volume of calls to assist customers with inquiries, resolve issues, or provide information regarding products or services.

Often, you need excellent problem-solving abilities and patience.

Many companies offer remote call center positions with competitive pay and benefits like merchandise discounts and healthcare.


Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants often juggle multiple tasks, which can include making phone calls on behalf of clients to schedule appointments, conduct follow-ups or coordinate events.

You’ll excel in this role if you’re organized and possess strong interpersonal skills.

Check out these legitimate virtual assistant jobs hiring today.


Customer Service

Working in customer service, you’re the frontline in assisting customers via phone, often fielding questions, processing orders, or managing complaints.

Positions in remote customer service offer flexibility and the opportunity to work from anywhere.


Mystery Shopping

Mystery shoppers make phone calls to evaluate customer service and sales skills.

You’ll pose as a potential customer and then provide feedback on your experience, helping companies improve their services.

Payment varies, and you might find assignments via platforms that specialize in market research.


Language Tutor

As a language tutor, you conduct lessons over the phone, helping students master a new language.

This requires you to be fluent in the language you’re teaching and capable of designing an engaging curriculum tailored to phone-based learning.

Check out these platforms to teach English online with no experience.


Online Sales Representative

Being an online sales representative involves calling potential or existing customers to sell products or services.

Your success hinges on your persuasive skills and ability to build rapport quickly. Some roles also offer commissions in addition to a base salary.


Market Research

In market research, making calls is essential to gather data, conduct surveys, or test the reception of products or services.

This role often requires excellent communication skills and attention to detail, as you will need to record and analyze the responses accurately.



Fundraisers contact potential donors to gain financial support for organizations and causes.

This role not only requires you to be persuasive but also genuinely passionate about the cause you’re supporting.

The ability to connect with people and convey the value of the cause is key.


Telehealth Services

Telehealth service providers offer medical advice or consultations over the phone.

If you work in this field, you likely need specific qualifications in healthcare and the ability to provide clear and compassionate guidance to patients seeking assistance remotely.


Technical Support

Technical support workers often work for a specific brand or business and get paid to listen to people’s problems and offer solutions.

While some of the work will be done by email and live chat, you may often be asked to answer calls and help people with technical problems over the phone.


What Equipment is Needed to Get Paid to Make Phone Calls?

Get Paid to Make Phone Calls

To begin working with companies where you get paid to make phone calls, having the right equipment set up is crucial.

You will need either a desktop computer or laptop and these devices should be up-to-date and capable of running any required software with ease.

You need to have a high-speed internet connection to ensure clear communication and handle any volume of calls or data without interruption.

Another important piece of equipment is a good-quality microphone as while many laptops come with built-in microphones, you may want to invest in an external one to enhance sound clarity.

Making sure you have a quiet room where you can work without interruptions or background noise will help maintain a professional atmosphere during calls.

To summarize, here is a list of the basic equipment needed:

  • Desktop or Laptop
  • High-speed Internet Connection
  • Quality Microphone
  • Quiet Room

These components will help you provide excellent service and efficiency while on calls, reflecting positively on the company you represent and ensuring the best chances of success in your role.


Skills Needed to Succeed in Answering Phone Calls for Money

Get Paid to Make Phone Calls

Making phone calls every day is not ideal for every person. In fact, if you’re shy, you may prefer these online jobs for introverts that don’t require you to be on the phone.

But, if you do want to get paid to make phone calls from home, here are the skills you need to succeed:


Communication Skills

Strong communication skills are imperative for your success. You need the ability to articulate clearly and convey information effectively.

This doesn’t just mean speaking well—it also means your tone, pace, and diction should be professional and easy to understand.

Crafting your messages so they’re direct and to the point will prevent misunderstanding and save time for both you and the customer.


Great Customer Service

Customer service skills are the bedrock of phone-based work. Your ability to address customer concerns, provide helpful information, and maintain a positive interaction is key.

Excellent customer service also involves being proactive in identifying a customer’s needs and offering solutions before they even have to ask.


Nice Phone Voice

Developing a nice phone voice is more than just having a pleasant tone; it’s about using your voice to create a comfortable and engaging experience for the customer.

Modulate your voice to express empathy or enthusiasm, and always aim to sound inviting and friendly—customers appreciate talking to someone who seems happy to help.


Good Listener

Being a good listener is crucial. You should focus on the customer’s words, understand their inquiries or issues, and not interrupt while they are speaking.

Reflect on what’s being said and ask clarifying questions if needed.

This skill also involves picking up on subtle cues, like a customer’s hesitation or relief, which can guide the conversation.


Patience and Understanding

Displaying patience and understanding can greatly enhance a customer’s interaction with you.

Remain composed even when customers are frustrated, offering them the time they need to express their concerns.

Understand that each individual’s issue is important, and approach every call with a mindset to resolve it with a calm demeanour.


Focus and Determination

Focus and determination are also vital. Every call should be managed with a consistent level of attention, ensuring that you follow through with customer queries to completion.

Stay determined to find solutions, and do not let complex situations deter your efforts. Employers value agents who are committed to fulfilling their roles with perseverance.


How Else Can You Earn from Phone Calls?

Aside from joining companies that offer payment for making phone calls, different call-based roles can generate income.

These opportunities are focused on analyzing conversations and providing valuable insights or participating in market research through telephonic surveys.


Call Analysis

As a call analyzer,  you would often be involved in listening to recorded calls and providing feedback or analysis.

This task is crucial for businesses looking to improve their customer service quality or sales effectiveness.

You could be assessing the call for specific metrics, such as how often certain keywords are mentioned, or the overall sentiment of the conversation. Companies utilize this feedback to train their employees better and refine their communication strategies, thus placing a high value on accurate and detailed call analysis.

Some platforms may pay you per call analyzed, making this a potential source of income if you have a keen ear and attention to detail


Participating in Telephonic Surveys

Get Paid to Make Phone Calls

Another method to earn money through phone calls is by participating in telephonic surveys.

Market research companies frequently seek individuals willing to provide their opinions on various products or services.

You might answer questions about your consumer habits, preferences, or experiences with a particular brand. These calls are typically short, ranging from a few minutes to half an hour, and the pay can vary based on the length and complexity of the survey.

Your input directly contributes to shaping future products and services, and as such, you’re compensated for your time and insights.

Learn more about the best survey sites that pay instantly.

Get Paid to Make Phone Calls – Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you’ll find concise answers to common inquiries about getting paid for telephone-related services.

Whether you’re curious about the earning potential or the necessary qualifications, the following answers should provide clarity.


How do I get paid to receive calls?

You can get paid to receive calls by signing up for services that connect you with companies looking to perform market research or provide phone-based customer service. These platforms typically require you to have a good phone presence and reliable call equipment.


How much can you earn making phone calls?

The earning potential varies based on the company and the type of calls you are making.

Some jobs may offer around $15 to $18 on average per successful call.

Telecommunication reviewing jobs could earn you approximately $7-$11 per hour.


How to make money with phone numbers?

Making money with phone numbers involves pay-per-call advertising where companies pay you for generating leads through inbound calls.

Several businesses leverage this model, and marketers affirm substantial benefits for business development.


Are there opportunities to make money simply by swiping on my phone?

Yes, some apps and advertisements allow you to earn money or rewards by swiping on your phone. However, these opportunities typically offer smaller payouts and may involve frequent interaction with advertisements or surveys.

Check out these apps and websites that give you a free $10 just for signing up.


What strategies can help me generate $100 a day by using my phone?

Consistent work with higher-paying call services, engagement in pay-per-call marketing campaigns, and combining various phone-based tasks like customer service, market research calls, and app-based tasks can together help you reach a goal of $100 a day.

However, achieving this consistently requires diligence and possibly working across multiple platforms.

Learn more in this article detailing how to make $100 in one day online.

Get Paid to Make Phone Calls – Conclusion

There are so many opportunities to get paid to make phone calls from the comfort of your home even without prior experience.

This job is ideally suited for those with strong communication skills, a friendly demeanour, and the ability to navigate customer service scenarios.

When considering this type of work, it’s crucial to differentiate between legitimate offers and potential scams. Look for companies with clear payment structures and positive reviews and always do your research before accepting any role.

To succeed, it’s not just about the number of calls you make, but the quality of your interactions. A professional approach can lead to more lucrative tasks and a higher pay rate.

Keep refining your approach, stay informed about industry standards, and you can turn your phone into a meaningful source of income.


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21 Companies to Get Paid to Make Phone Calls from Home (Up to $15/Call)
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21 Companies to Get Paid to Make Phone Calls from Home (Up to $15/Call)
21 Companies to Get Paid to Make Phone Calls from Home (Up to $15/Call).
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