17 Apps and Websites that Give You a Free $10 for Signing Up

apps and websites free 10 for signing up

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Looking for apps and websites that give you a free $10 for signing up? This article has got you covered, with 17 of the best, that pay you free money just for registering.

Some sites actually pay more than $10 and occasionally different rewards such as free stock, bonus offers, money off online purchases, referral bonuses or gift cards.

And if you hang around on the platform to perform a few simple tasks, you can bump up your earnings nicely to help reach your financial goals.

You can even earn more by referring your friends and promoting the platform on your social media accounts.

To get started, you’ll need a laptop, WIFI, an email address and a PayPal account (which is usually the common payment method).

Although rewards will often be given via bank transfer, gift cards or another payment provider.


Best Sites that Give You a Free $10 for Signing Up

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Rakuten
  3. Ibotta App
  4. MyPoints
  5. BeFrugal
  6. WealthSimple
  7. TopCashback
  8. Groupon
  9. Opinion Inn
  10. NetSpend
  11. Acorns
  12. Tada
  13. Fundrise
  14. Juno
  15. Venmo
  16. Acorns
  17. RebatesMe


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17 Apps and Websites that Give You a Free $10 for Signing Up

Read on to learn about the best bonus apps and websites that pay you  $10 for signing up.

You can make extra cash by staying on the site and completing tasks such as online surveys and playing video games. But, there is no rule saying you have to.

Cash out your $10 for PayPal cash straight away if you feel like it and enjoy easy money.


1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a well-established rewards site that millions of people use daily to earn cash and gift cards.

free $10 sign up

Users get $10 just for signing up and can make extra bucks by taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online, playing games, printing coupons and signing up for free trials.

Watching videos is such an easy way to make passive income. Just click to play and earn while you are doing the housework or playing with the kids!

Bump up your profits by referring friends and get 10% of their future earnings. 

Cash-out via PayPal, a prepaid visa card or free gift cards.


2. Rakuten

Rakuten is an online shopping portal that rewards users as they shop.

They are partnered with a huge selection of big-brand retailers, getting you points on purchases that can be redeemed for cash and gift cards.

free $10 for signing up

It’s easy to get started on Rakuten, just register and receive your free $10 for signing up.

To earn more money, search through different retailers.

Select ‘get cash back now’ and make your purchase. You’ll receive between 1% – 20% cash back, depending on the purchase.


3. Ibotta

Ibotta is a top cash-back site partnered with hundreds of national retailers online and offline.

Download the Ibotta app, go shopping and scan your receipts to earn rewards.

Ibotta gives you free sign-up bonus after registering and scanning your first receipt. Just make sure you redeem it within two weeks of opening an account.

free $10 for signing up

The majority of offers are in the food and beverage categories, but they’ve recently expanded to include clothing, electronics and restaurants.

To redeem cash back, you need to purchase items through the Ibotta app.

Withdraw earnings via PayPal, Venmo or direct deposits.


4. MyPoints

MyPoints is one of the best cashback apps that gives users rewards for shopping at their favourite stores and taking surveys.

After registering, you’ll receive a $10 welcome bonus in the form of an Amazon or Visa gift card.

free $10 for signing up

As a MyPoints member, you can get up to 40% cash back on every purchase at over 2,000 retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot and Amazon.

When you’re ready to cash out, points can be redeemed via PayPal or for big brand gift cards such as eBay, Best Buy, Dominos, Groupon, Burger King, Google Play and more.


5. BeFrugal

Join BeFrugal and get a free $10 just for signing up.

This platform is another online shopping portal, getting you cash back on purchases and an average 7% saving across all purchases online.

free $10 for signing up

Take a look at their ‘coupons’ section for more ways to save and get cash back with your favourite brands.

Invite your friends and earn another $10 for every qualified referral.

Cash-out via PayPal or by accepting gift cards, once you earn $25.


6. WealthSimple

WealthSimple is a robo advisor helping you to grow and manage your money.

It’s free to use, guiding you to choose an investment portfolio according to your age, income and any debt etc.

WealthSimple will deposit a $50 cash bonus into your account once you open and deposit at least $1 into your investment account.

wealth simple

The great thing about WealthSimple is that it’s completely beginner-friendly. You can start with zero investment knowledge, as all the work is done for you.

It’s important to remember though, these are long-term investments, meant for steady growth and not a quick profit.


7. TopCashback

Save hundreds each year on thousands of top-brand retailers by joining TopCashBack.

This online shopping portal rewards you for shopping online through their site.

top cash back

Earn cash back on everything such as car hire, home insurance, airport parking, fashion, homeware, electronics and more.

It works through TopCashBack partnering with brands as an affiliate and they pass the commission onto users like you.

Get a free $10 for signing up, but you must earn $10 in cash back, before you cash out via PayPal or American Express gift cards.


8. Groupon

Groupon is a popular e-commerce site that partners service providers with subscribers to offer special deals.

Groupon deals

Once on the site, you can filter activities via the categories tab and search through events, shopping, hotel & travel, gift ideas, beauty treatments and many more.

Groupon deals range from 2 for 1 to a percentage off the normal price.

You can get almost 50% off some beauty and massage treatments, so it’s well worth checking the site before you book anything.

Groupon gives you a free $10 for signing up as a new user which you can use for your first deal.

Alongside this, you can earn another $10 for each friend who you refer that makes a purchase.


9. Opinion Inn

If you love to give your opinion, you might as well sign up to Opinion Inn and earn $10 in the process. 

This site pays people to complete surveys for brands, that help to shape future products.

Opinion Inn

They offer a high incentive range with earnings per project ranging from $0.05 up to $100 depending on the requirements.

If you become an active member and complete at least 5 surveys monthly, you’ll be added to a $500 lucky draw.

After signing up, you’ll receive survey offers via email, or you can take them directly from the ‘’Your Survey’’ page.


10. NetSpend

NetSpend is a leading provider of pre-paid debit cards.

They give you a free $10 for signing up and an extra $20 for each friend you refer.

free $10 for signing up at Netspend

To get started, open a new NetSpend account, wait for a card to be delivered and activate it by adding a minimum of $40.

After a week, your free $10 bonus will be added to your account.

While there is no fee to have a NetSpend account, there is a small fee when you make a purchase.

If you want to avoid this, use the card only once, by spending the entire bonus.


11. Acorns

Acorns is an investment app helping you to invest spare change, bank smarter and save for retirement.

With as little as $3 or $5 a month, the app helps you to build investment accounts for yourself and your family.

Acorns free $10 for signing up

Acorns works by rounding up your purchases to the nearest dollar and putting that extra money into investments.

While it might not seem a lot, from acorns do mighty oaks grow (as the app states).

It’s easy to get started on Acorns, just sign up, invest your first $5 and receive $10 free.


12. Tada

Tada is another legit shopping rewards site that pays you to shop and submit receipts.

As a new member, you are eligible for $20 in welcome bonuses.

Receive $1 for downloading the app, $4 after scanning your first receipt, $3 for the second and $2 for the third.

Tada free $10 for signing up

Next, get another $10 bonus when you spend at least $25 at any store featured on the site.

Tada has partnered with many of the big brands such as Macy’s, Amazon, eBay, Home Depot, Walmart, Groupon and more.

Cash-out through PayPal or via 80 gift card options.


13. Fundrise

Fundrise is a real estate crowdfunding platform that lets you start investing in property for as little as $10.

This is a great place for new investors to get started if you don’t know much about investing.

Fundrise investment platform

As a Fundrise member, you can invest your spare cash in a range of passive income-generating properties such as condos, apartments and family homes.

You’ll get paid quarterly dividends which normally sit at around 8-9% a year.

Plus, you’ll get $10 for signing up as long as you’re a new account holder and you invest a minimum of $10.


14. Juno

Juno is a digital banking app that says it’s on a mission to make financial freedom more accessible.

The app allows you to save, spend and invest from your smartphone. You can invest in different cryptocurrencies and earn cash back after spending at certain retailers.

free $10 for signing up

To get your free $10 sign up bonus, open a Juno account and deposit some crypto.

Plus, you can earn another free $10 by referring a friend to the app and they add $50 to their Juno crypto wallet.

You can even increase the sign-up bonus you receive to $50, if you set up a $250 direct deposit.

To get started, you can add your phone number and get the app texted to you. Or you can scan the code to download the app.


15. Venmo

Venmo is a digital wallet and payment app that’ll give you a free $10 for signing up.

It’s similar to Paypal, in that you can settle up bills easily and send or receive money to friends and family.

Venmo app

After installing the app onto your phone, you can link your credit and debit cards to your account.

Follow these steps to receive your $10 bonus:

  • Search online for a ‘Venmo Promo Code’
  • Open a new Venmo account
  • Add your mobile number and bank accounts
  • Save the promo code in the app
  • Make a purchase of $5 minimum within 30 days of opening the account to receive your bonus
  • Your $10 bonus will deposited into your account
  • The offer is only valid for personal accounts, not business profiles

Venmo charges zero fees to send or receive money from your account.

You can even earn a $25 bonus when you purchase $25 worth of crypto from your Venmo account.

16. Acorns

Acorns homepage

Acorns is a top investment app where you can join and get your spare change invested by experts.

New customers get free $10 sign-up bonuses, after they’ve invested at least $5 into their account.

The great thing about Acorns is that it’s designed for complete beginners with zero investment knowledge and you can choose investment portfolios to suit your needs.

And you’re investing your spare change, so it’s minimal risk and you can also earn bonus investments and grow your knowledge while using the platform and saving for a great future.

Try out Acorns and claim your FREE $10.

17. RebatesMe

Rebatesme homepage

RebatesMe is another cash-back rewards site where smart shoppers can claim an instant sign-up bonus.

The platform is partnered with over 6,500 popular brands and you can earn up to 40% in cash back after installing the RebatesMe browser extension.

A few brands you can save real money while shopping at their online stores include:

  • eBay
  • Dell
  • Foot Locker
  • Nike
  • Sephora
  • Walmart
  • Adidas
  • Elizabeth Arden
  • Many more..

Join RebatesMe free and claim your $10 instant bonus.


Why Do These Apps and Sites Give You a Free $10 for Signing Up?

If you’re puzzled at why these sites give you a free $10 for signing up, the answer is simple.

This is an incentive bonus to get new members onto their platform. 

Just like free bonus bets with matched betting, the company knows that more sign-ups relate to more money for them.

Some cash-back sites will allow you to withdraw the bonus instantly, but many ask you to complete a task to unlock the free cash.

This might be completing a survey, opening an account or making a purchase, which is beneficial to them.


What Other Sites Give You Money for Signing Up?

Many other reward sites pay you for signing up.

Some may pay a few dollars and others $5 or more. While the pay is small, it all adds up and is easy money for just filling out a form.

Earn extra money by registering as a user with these sites:

  • PointClub
  • InboxDollars
  • Raise
  • CardPool
  • Mobilexpression
  • Jobs2shop
  • ZapSurveys
  • Vindale Research
  • One Poll
  • Toluna Influencers


Tips to Increase Your Earnings Signing Up to Apps and Websites

Getting a free $10 for signing up to apps and websites is easy money.

However, you need to ensure you follow each site’s rules and spend time using the platform to make a decent profit.

Here are a few tips for success:


Verify Your Information

The majority of cash-back apps and websites will send you an activation email after you register.

Make sure to click on this and follow any instructions to show your email address is legit.


Complete Extra Activities on Each Site

After getting a free $10 for signing up, check the platform to see how else you can make money.

Each platform is different, but some will pay you for easy tasks such as taking surveys, watching videos, redeeming offers, being a mystery shopper and more.


Sign Up to Multiple Cash Back Platforms

If your goal is to earn more than $10, sign up for multiple cash-back apps and sites.

The websites detailed in this article pocket you over $170 and by completing extra tasks you can earn way more.


Diversify Your Income Streams

Alongside signing up to cash-back sites, there are many simple side hustles you can start to make money in your spare time.

Check out these easy money ideas:


Final Thoughts on Getting a Free $10 for Signing Up

That’s it! Now you know the best sites that give you a free $10 for signing up.

Each bonus can be claimed in under a few minutes, just by filling out your details and following any simple instructions.

By staying signed up to these sites, you’ll often be sent new bonuses and offers.

Take advantage of the different earning opportunities and invite your friends to make even more profit.


Further reading:


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*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

17 Apps and Websites that Give You a Free $10 for Signing Up ($170+ Profit Potential)
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17 Apps and Websites that Give You a Free $10 for Signing Up ($170+ Profit Potential)
17 Apps and Websites that Give You a Free $10 for Signing Up.
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