Top 7 Legit Apps that Pay You to Exercise in 2022

apps that pay you to exercise

Getting fit is hard! Especially if you don’t really enjoy working out. The good news is – there are many legit apps that pay you to exercise (yes really!) Knowing you’re going to be rewarded to get a sweat on should definitely help.

We all know we should exercise more and eat less of those tasty cupcakes. But, without an incentive or a big goal like a holiday on the horizon, motivation can seem to leave the building.

So, if you work long hours or have lost the desire to get active, take a look at these workout apps that pay you to exercise and I’ll see you in the gym!


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Best Apps that Pay You to Exercise and Get a Sweat On

1. HealthyWage

HealthyWage is a platform hosting weight loss challenges with cash prizes. Compete in a corporate wellness program, make a personal weight loss bet or get your friends together for a team challenge.

To participate in challenges, you make a small bet on yourself and if you win, you double your money. Your weight will need to be verified at the beginning and end with a doctor or at a health club.

Available on Android and IOS.


2. Achievement

The Achievement app has been downloaded over 4 million times, and helps people get fit while earning a reward. The app pays you to track steps, meditate, log meals and to tweet about your progress. Earn points for your efforts and redeem rewards for cash or by donating to charities.

Available on Android, IOS, Apple Health, Samsung Health and FitBit.


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3. Sweatcoin

With Sweatcoin it really does pay to walk in more ways than one! Once you’ve downloaded the app, it tracks your steps which are converted into Sweatcoins. Each 1,000 steps gets you 0.95 Sweatcoins that can be traded for gift coupons, discount coupons and cash.

Available on Android and IOS.


4. DietBet

apps that pay you to exercise

DietBet asks you to ‘’bet’’ on how much weight you’ll lose in a certain time frame. If you smash your goal, you split the pot with other dieters in the game.

If you lose, your wager is lost and paid into the pot. If you struggle with sticking to a fitness routine, this app connects you with thousands of others in the same situation for support. And, the thought of losing money helps you stay consistent!

Available on Android and IOS.


5. StepBet

The StepBet app pays you money for reaching your walking and running goals. Similar to DietBet, you put a wager on your goal and take a split of the total pot once you achieve results.

Challenge length varies, but usually lasts around six weeks. Once signed up, the first week of a challenge will be warming up. The weeks after you have to attain certain goals or be disqualified.

Available on Android and IOS.


6. Vitality

Vitality rewards its members for healthy living activities and good driving. The app partners with employee wellness programs so speak to your HR if you don’t have it yet.

Every time you increase your healthy habits like walking more or choosing a healthier drink at lunchtime you receive points. These can be traded in for Amazon gift cards and you even receive a free fitness tracker once you exercise regularly.

Available in the Apple App store or on Google Play.


7. Virgin Pulse

apps that pay you to exercise

Virgin Pulse is another wellness app that works with corporate wellness programs. Once your workplace is signed up, you can participate in fitness challenges solo or as a group.

Prizes include cash and merchandise and you can even access a mental health wellbeing toolkit and holistic wellbeing tips. Use your FitBit or smartphone to track your fitness efforts and share with your colleagues to stay motivated.


Apps That Pay You to Exercise – Final Thoughts

With so many apps to choose from that pay you to exercise, you can start a new fitness routine and get support along your journey. Getting fit is one of the best things you’ll ever do, but it will also be the most challenging.

Knowing you’re getting rewarded for your efforts, helps to keep you motivated on those tough days. With your fitness app by your side, you’ll have all you need to carve a new sleek body and make some cash in the process!


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Weekly Email Updates

Get the latest money-making ideas right to your inbox. No spam just pure value!

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Top 7 Legit Apps that Pay You to Exercise in 2022
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