27 Hugely Profitable Writing Niches 2024 (+How to Choose)

profitable writing niches

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If you’re on the hunt for insanely profitable writing niches, you’re in the right place. Freelance writing is a great way to make money part-time and full-time.

But, as a beginner freelance writer, it can be slow going in the beginning. Getting those lucrative writing gigs that turn into long-term work, seems an uphill battle.

I know, because I’ve been there, wondering if writing was the right career for me and whether I’d actually be able to survive long-term. Fast forward 7 years and I’m still going strong though. And, you can do it too!

Finding a profitable writing niche helps. Once you’ve found a niche that works for you, say hello to a full inbox of paid writing offers.

So, which freelance writing niches pay the best?

This guide is going to reveal all you need to know about profitable writing niches and how to get started finding work.


Summary of the Most Profitable Writing Niches

      1. SEO Writing
      2. Email Writing
      3. Copywriting
      4. Case Studies
      5. White Papers
      6. EBooks
      7. Long-Form Blog Posts/Guides
      8. Video Script Writing
      9. Ghost Writing
      10. Online Courses
      11. Grant Writing
      12. Digital Marketing
      13. Money and Finance
      14. Medical
      15. Education
      16. Parenting and Family
      17. Beauty and Fashion
      18. Technical Writing
      19. Pets and Pet Care
      20. Food and Drink
      21. Home Decor
      22. Entertainment
      23. Travel
      24. Fitness and exercise
      25. Anime Writing
      26. Sports Writing
      27. Real Estate




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27 Profitable Writing Niches to Check Out

Browse through the freelance writing niches below. I’ve divided them into content writing niches and topic niches to further help you out.


Content Writing Niches

Take a look at the most profitable content writing niches.


1. SEO Writing

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of helping a blog or website to rank higher in Google and receive more traffic.

SEO writers create content around keywords which people are searching for in Google.

When the post is fully optimised, this pushes it towards the top of search and gets a higher amount of click-throughs and sales if that was the goal.

Being an experienced SEO writer means you can help websites rank and make more money. This is why SEO writing is a hugely profitable writing niche that is in demand.


2. Email Writing

Email writing is the art of writing compelling content that drives readers from an email list to an end goal such as buying a product or clicking onto a website.

According to statistics, email marketing return on investment is $42 for every $1 spent.

Email marketing is big business and the majority of brands and businesses use it.

As an email writer, you’ll find plenty of work and can demand high rates once you’ve established yourself in this niche.


3. Copywriting

profitable writing niches

Copywriting is otherwise known as sales page/landing page or website content writing.

Basically, the writer creates landing pages r sales pages that turn readers into paying clients.

Sales content needs to engage readers and push them to a purchase decision or to sign up for what’s on offer.

Again, this is a type of writing that all businesses need help with and will pay handsomely for.

So, if you are the persuasive type, copywriting could be a profitable writing niche for you.


4. Case Studies

A case study is an in-depth, detailed piece of content examining a particular subject and is used by savvy businesses to pull in new clients.

This type of content writing is one of the most profitable freelance writing niches because it is detailed, usually long form and if done well, will make more money for the business.

Case studies can be used in any subject from medicine to the haircare industry.

Within a case study, testimonials are used to show how the business solved a client or customer’s problem.

We all like to see a success story and are more likely to buy from a company that has case studies.


5. White Papers

This is one of the most profitable niches for writers to get into.

The reason it pays well is that it’s in-depth, complex and often written for government and business industries.

A white paper is a detailed guide or report centred around a specific topic and the surrounding problems.

A famous white paper was ordered by Winston Churchill in 1922 called the Churchill White Paper. This content surmised the British statement of policy regarding Palestine.


6. EBooks

You might be surprised to hear, that not many eBook authors write their own content!

A lot of book writing is outsourced to professional writers and if you have experience writing books or eBooks, this could be an ideal content type for you to explore.

The job of writing eBooks for money is usually long-form and could be in a range of topics. The client will share with you an outline and you can agree on a timeframe to complete the content.

You may be asked for edits or additions as the book progresses, but you can charge extra for this.


7. Blog Content/Guides

profitable writing niches

Blogs and businesses don’t have time to write all their own content.

You can offer your services and make a good living as a blog writer specialising in guides for a specific niche topic.

Long-form guides are meant to offer all the information a reader needs in one subject. These work great, because when a customer gets all their questions answered, they are likely to make a purchase.

Companies pay writers well for this content, as they know the value of quality, long-form blog content. Guides can range from 1,000 words up to 10,000 or more.


8. Video Script Writing

Video content rises in popularity each year and needs writers to produce engaging scripts.

According to statistics, YouTube racked up 1.86 billion users worldwide in 2021. Many businesses and entrepreneurs use videos to sell their own products and brands and you could help them do that.

Video content is not only used on YouTube but on Instagram reels, websites and for educational purposes in workplaces and schools.

If you’re good at writing stories, you can make money writing video scripts.


9. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriters write content for other people anonymously and receive no credit for the work produced.

Jobs include writing memoirs, speeches, books, social media, blog posts, screenplays, website content and many others.

Ghostwriting can be a hugely profitable writing niche and a satisfying one where you help others say what they want to say.

To be successful in this niche, it’s best to focus on one type of ghostwriting and become well-known for that.

While all content writing could be called ‘’ghostwriting’’ because you write for someone else.

The term is commonly used for creative content such as book and speech writing, where the person you write for puts their name at the end of the text.

Learn more in our guide on how to be a music ghostwriter.


10. Online Courses

According to statistics, the e-learning industry has grown 900% since 2000 and is estimated to be worth $325 billion by 2025!

​And, with many entrepreneurs and businesses looking to make money by selling courses, you can help out and profit from offering to write the content for their courses, lesson plans, eBooks and any supplemental resources.

To succeed as an online course writer,  you’ll need:

      • A deep understanding of the subject
      • The ability to break down difficult concepts into easy-to-understand material
      • A writing style that keeps readers engaged

If you have a background i teaching, this will work in your favour, but it’s not essential.

But, with educational content being in high demand, this is one of the most profitable writing niches worth considering.

11. Grant Writing

As a grant writer, you’ll be tasked with writing grant proposals for educational institutions and non-profit organizations.

The goal of this type of freelance writing is to be persuasive and help to secure funding from private donors, foundations and Government Agencies.

To succeed in this writing niche, you’ll need:

      • Persuasive writing skills
      • Excellent research abilities
      • A solid understanding of funding organisations

If you have a background in non-profit organizations, this will help and if you’re good at this, you can command high fees as your writing skills will be in demand.


Topic Writing Niches

Now you’ve seen nine highly profitable content writing niches.

Let’s explore the many topic areas which you can further niche down into.


12. Digital Marketing

The digital marketing industry is booming.

Maybe even more so after the pandemic when businesses had no choice but to just promote online.

Writing digital marketing content involves writing guides or tutorials about a client’s products. The goal is to bring new customers into the client’s business.

Topics that fall under the digital marketing umbrella are email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing and content marketing.

Succeeding in this role helps if you have a digital marketing background, or your can get experience by take digital marketing courses online.

Take a look at these digital content writer jobs on Reed today.


13. Money and Finance

profitable writing niches

Are you adept at making money or saving money?

Do you love talking about cryptocurrency and the latest stock trends?

Then finance writing could be a hugely profitable writing niche for you. In the financial world, a lot of money is floating around and it could float your way if you start writing this type of content.

Finance writers mainly work on topics such as personal finance, accounting, budgeting, credit cards and banking, investing and crypto.

Take a look at these financial writer jobs on Upwork today.


14. Medical

The medical field is an extremely profitable niche, due to the fact you need to understand what you’re writing about to be convincing.

If you have a medical background such as healthcare, doctor or nurse, physiotherapy or science, you can command high rates as a medical niche writer.

Take a look at these medical writing jobs hiring today.


15. Education

Education is a big business online and offline. If you’ve worked as a teacher or spent years studying, writing about education could be a new career path.

Education sub-niches that pay well include scholarships, college planning, homeschooling, languages and many more.

Take a look at these educational writer jobs on Indeed today.


16. Parenting and Family

parenting niche

Parenting and family is a popular subject with a huge amount of daily searches online.

Mums and dads are always searching for new ways to help their kids learn, play, interact and be healthier.

Blogs and magazines centred around parenting need help to create content. If you have parenting knowledge, writing in this niche is ideal.

Parenting sub-niches to check out include mum and baby, nutrition, home schooling, breast feeding, children’s activities, toys and parenting techniques.

Take a look at these freelance writing parenting jobs on Scripted.


17. Beauty and Fashion

Do you know your Jimmy Choo’s from your Louis Vuitton’s?

Are you a fashionista who always knows what to wear for each season?

The beauty and fashion industry is big business and you could make big bucks writing about it. Influencers and high-end fashion blogs need help writing content for their sales posts.

You could even set up your own beauty and fashion blog, or YouTube channel educating others on the latest beauty trends.

Take a look at these beauty and fashion writer jobs on Indeed today.


18. Technical Writing

Technical writers are tasked with taking a complex subject and making the average reader understand what they’re talking about.

This is why this writing niche commands higher rates – because you need to understand the subject, to write about it clearly.

Although, some tech platforms will be aimed at tech experts. So writing this type of content means you won’t have to break it down, but you’ll need to understand it yourself.

Examples of tech writing are writing instruction manuals, preparing research journals, technical marketing writing and consumer technical writing.

Take a look at these technical writer jobs on Reed today.


19. Pets and Pet Care

The pet industry is big business!

There are multiple pet care blogs and brands that need help with blog content, sales copy, product descriptions and social media content creation.

If you have experience in this world, or have a passion, writing about pets and pet care could be right for you.

Pet sub-niche ideas include behaviour training, food and supplements, exercise and activities, health and more.

Take a look at these companies hiring pet writers:


20. Food and Drink

If you eat out in your area frequently, writing reviews and content about your experience is a lucrative niche.

Some publications may even pay you to try out restaurants and write about it for them

Another idea is to set up your own food and drink blog. Everyone loves a review and likes to know what to expect when dining out.

Take a look at these food and recipe writer jobs on Upwork today.


21. Home Décor

home decor

Home décor is another popular writing niche that needs writers to create content.

If you have experience styling homes, this could be a great niche to get into.

Examples of home décor niches are the latest trends, style ideas, flooring, environmentally responsible home décor and decorating on a budget.

Check out these home decor writing jobs on Indeed today.


22. Entertainment Writing

There’s always something going on in the entertainment world and websites and glitzy magazines need writers to cover the latest stories.

Entertainment writing includes celebrity gossip, scandals, upcoming TV or movies, movie reviews or any big sporting events coming up.

Check out available entertainment writing jobs here. 


23. Travel Writer

Everyone loves to travel and before the pandemic, it was big business.

While things have slowed down for a little while, there are still plenty of travel blogs, websites and magazines that need travel content.

Travel writing needs a strong ability to describe what it’s like to be in a place to transport the reader just with words and it helps if you have personal experience of being in the place you’re writing about.

Websites that pay travel writers are Matador NetworkROVA and the Outpost Magazine to name a few.

Travel content niches include digital nomadism, co-working spaces, hotel reviews, in-depth destination guides and travel product descriptions.

Check out these travel writing jobs hiring today on Indeed.


24. Fitness and Exercise

Fitness is one of the most profitable writing niches to get into with people always looking for content guides to help them lose weight, tone up and get healthier.

Plus, there are plenty of websites, apps and magazines that hire writers to produce the content for them.

Learn more ways to make money with fitness in this guide about fitness side hustles.

While you don’t have to be a certified personal trainer to write this content, it helps if you have a background in fitness, health or nutrition to give you credibility.

And if you’ve had a personal win such as losing a large amount of weight, fitness publications will often accept real-life stories which are highly motivating for readers.

Working for the right publications, fitness writing is paid well at around $4,000 per month.

Common fitness writing topics include:

      • Muscle building
      • Weight loss
      • Pregnancy
      • Running
      • Yoga and Pilates
      • Meditation
      • Healthy lifestyle
      • Speciality diets
      • Sports

Check out these fitness content jobs on Indeed.


25. Anime Writing

Anime news network

Big companies often look for writers to create scripts for their next big anime production.

Plus, anime writers are needed to cover all different types of topics, such as:

      • Cosplay
      • Figurines
      • Anime news
      • How to guides
      • Recommendations
      • Product reviews
      • Anime events

The anime market had an estimated value of around 24.80 billion in 2021 and its expected to reach 26.89 billion in 2022.

If you have an interest and deep knowledge of anime, this is one of the best profitable writing niches for you to get into.

The top companies hiring anime writers right now include:


26. Sports Writing

If you’re passionate about sports, why not follow your heart and become a freelance sports writer.

To write about sports convincingly, it helps to have an in-depth knowledge of the games you write about. This is why watching sports and being a nerd about it helps!

The average sports writer’s salary ranges from $30,000 – $50,000 a year and will depend on your experience, location and the publication you write for.

As a sports writer, you might be asked to:

      • Write copy for ads
      • Write press releases
      • Report on sporting events
      • Write news about players
      • Write how-to sporting guides

The top companies hiring sports writers right now include:


Learn more: How to Get Paid to Write About Sports: Start a Sports Writing Career Today


27. Real Estate

No longer do real estate agents just put up a ‘For Sale’ sign and sit back and hope for an enquiry.

Many big real estate companies use digital marketing to find interested buyers online. They often hire writers to create the copy for ads and articles that reel people in from Google and social media.

Here are different types of real estate content you might get hired for:

      • Buying guides
      • Selling guides
      • Legal documents
      • Social media content
      • Lease renewal terms
      • Newsletters
      • Real estate tips
      • Mortgage tips

According to Glassdoor, real estate writers earn on average $43 – $68K a year.

The top companies hiring real estate investor writers now include:


What is a Freelance Writing Niche?

In simple terms, a freelance writing niche is an area or topic you’ll become known for as a writer.

It can be the type of writing you do such as email writing, SEO writing or a specific topic like marketing, travel or parenting for example.

You can write in a broad niche like finance. Or, break it down into sub-niches such as cryptocurrency or personal finance to specialise in.

Becoming known as a writer in a certain niche is more profitable than being a generalist writer.

If you have the expertise, set yourself up as an expert in that niche and you can demand more money than the average writer.


How to Choose a Profitable Writing Niche that Works for You?

profitable writing niches

It’s possible to be a generalist writer and make a full-time living. So don’t panic if you don’t have specialist knowledge.

But if you’ve previously worked in a certain sector, have studied a particular subject or have a huge passion, this could become your writing niche.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when choosing a profitable writing niche:

      • Is there a demand for the niche? To make money writing in a niche, there needs to be constant work available.
      • Does the niche pay well? Research what other writers are charging. If you’re going to niche down, you want it to pay well.
      • Do you have an interest in the subject? If you’re going to write every day, the subject needs to interest you otherwise you may lose motivation.
      • Have you got in-depth knowledge of the niche or qualification to back you up? To be trusted to write niche content, you need to give people a reason to hire you over thousands of others. While a qualification isn’t necessary, you need to be able to show some authority.


Profitable Writing Niches – FAQs

Take a loo at these commonly asked questions about profitable writing niches.


Where can I find high-paying freelance writing clients?

Once you’ve decided on a profitable writing niche, you need to find clients.

If you’re new, read this guide on how to find freelance writing clients as a new writer.

Some of the best ways I’ve found to secure writing clients are;


Check out these articles which may help further:


Can I make money writing without a niche?

Yes! I make a full-time living writing in many different niches.

I have preferred niches in which I apply for more work. But, I enjoy the variety of writing about many different topics.

profitable writing niches


What freelance writing pays the most?

Writing in the profitable niches mentioned above pays extremely well.

As a niche writer, you can command higher pay for writing about topics others may not understand.

Technical, legal, finance and digital marketing topics pay writers well.


How much should I charge for a 500-word article?

This depends on the type of writing and your experience.

If you have under 1-year experience, $20 – $40 per 500 words is typical.

For over a year’s experience, you can charge $50 or more for 500 words depending on the complexity.

Further reading: How Much Should a Freelance Writer Charge?

profitable writing niches


What are the best freelance writing sites for new writers?

As a new writer, it’s hard to snag those first few writing clients.

Make sure you have a writing portfolio to show prospective clients and use tools to improve your writing.

Try these freelance writing sites for new writers:


Final Thoughts on Profitable Writing Niches

Now you have a big list of profitable writing niches to try out.

It’s ok to not know where to start as a beginner freelance writer. I’ve been there myself and know it can seem overwhelming.

It may take some time to find the perfect writing niche for yourself. And it’s ok to be a generalist writer in the beginning and forever if that suits you.

To find clients, make sure you’re sending out pitches and applications daily. Email a set amount of people daily and create profiles on freelancer platforms.

The more you network and show off what you can do, the faster you’ll build your freelance writing empire.


25 Hugely Profitable Writing Niches (+How to Choose).


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